The welcome of Sylvie Meis as the face of the new GLAMIRA advertisement

German TV personality Sylvie Meis’ collaboration with GLAMIRA is there to bring remarkable glamor to your look and bring the fashion cycle back to life.

FRANKFURT, Germany, Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mother, entrepreneur, presenter and model… The beautiful protagonist of GLAMIRA’s brand new commercial, Sylvie Meis, showcases her stylish and modern elegance with an array of remarkable jewels, both designed and handpicked by Sylvie herself from the wide range of GLAMIRA. With this inspiring commercial you can discover the new selection and let a breath of fresh air blow through your wardrobe.

To refresh your sophisticated look
Sylvie Meis’ partnership with GLAMIRA allows you to relax and enjoy yourself, whatever the occasion or place – you can choose your favorite pieces that fully reflect Meis’s passion for jewelry and best match your look to accompany you in your calm and dynamic moments.

Last year, GLAMIRA announced its collaboration with Sylvie Meis, who has become the brand’s new face in Germany. The collaboration with Meis, one of the country’s best-known personalities, reflects the audience the brand wants to reach and the message it wants to convey.

Exclusively elegant: Sylvie from GLAMIRA
In early 2022, the exclusive special collection “Sylvie by GLAMIRA” appeared as part of the collaboration. Sylvie Meis showcases her stylish and modern elegance in a range of remarkable pieces, both designed and handpicked by Sylvie herself from the wide selection of GLAMIRA. Sylvie’s collection invites every fashion lover to add a glamorous touch to their unique style.

“We started our partnership with Sylvie Meis in 2021 and it continues today with our brand new TV spot. As GLAMIRA, we believe that Sylvie is the right person to represent and reflect the vision and sophistication of our brand with her classic elegance and wisdom,” said Yasemin Topaloğlu, Chief Brand Officer at GLAMIRA.

The commercial is shown in 20 seconds on TV, on the channels Pro7, Sat1, Sixx and K1 as well as on digital platforms such as YouTube and many other social media channels.

Stylish designs that can be customized

For GLAMIRA, jewelry is the ideal way to show that you are unique in a very personal way. This is precisely why the brand offers its customers the opportunity to design their own personal jewelery with great attention to detail and the right combination of precious stones, colors and metals. As a sign of gratitude on Mother’s Day, as a step into the shared future via an application or as an expression of a shared bond between friends or partners: GLAMIRA offers the right and personal object for every occasion. In addition to the possibility of personalizing the jewellery, GLAMIRA also gives its customers a lifetime guarantee on all products.

About Glamira:
Since the day it was founded, the jewelry brand GLAMIRA has been committed to making every special and emotional moment for its customers perfect, based on quality and trust. Believing that everyone is special and unique, GLAMIRA creates designs that can be personalized. Under the motto “This is you”, GLAMIRA offers more than 50,000 products for women, men and children of its own design and production.
With a strong team of 650 people and a global trading infrastructure, GLAMIRA manages all processes from design to the final production stage with a boutique approach. GLAMIRA operates in 65 countries with offices in 9 countries including Germany, Switzerland, USA, UK, Norway, Netherlands, Australia, Bulgaria and Turkey and 76 online stores. GLAMIRA works with the vision of becoming the world’s leading luxury consumer brand by expanding its product range.
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