Alizarin is the color of the year

Every autumn, Graham & Brown, a leading UK wallpaper and paint specialist, announces the design and color of the year. As we look to the future and see the world realize the impact humans have on our planet, we become aware of our decisions and their consequences. With that in mind, the in-house design studio has chosen to bring life and color to long-forgotten pieces from the Graham & Brown archive with an emphasis on recycling and rejuvenation.” The company states in a press release.

The design of the year 2023 FLORENZIA and the color of the year 2023 ALIZARIN are in line with the ‘Flawsome’ trend. Evolved from embracing differences and imperfections, this trend celebrates the unique qualities found in our individuality. This becomes visible through upcycling, where old objects are given a new life with their beauty. The Design of the Year is an adaptation of a historic Graham & Brown design that brings color and life to a previously lost work of art.

This year’s design, Florenzia Dusk, features an array of traditional flowers running through the artwork. The old design has been reworked with textures and a loose hand-painted finish to create a more relaxed, lived-in style with a unique twist. This, in combination with the vivid colors, creates the reinterpretation of a traditional archival work. The colors are friendly and create a neutral design that can also be bold and creative. The dark marine tones add depth to the design, while the use of golden and rusty tones add a playful color accent.

Florenzia is available in three other color variants, in addition to Dusk there is the vibrant Botanico, the deep Nightshade and the lush Terrazzo. Florenzia Botanico is the brightest design, characterized by vivid blue, red and yellow shades. Florenzia Nightshade is mysterious and full of depth, with purple and plum tones running through the design. Florenzia Terrazzo has a rich background with bright flowers that give the design a playful character. Florenzia is available in all color variants as wallpaper and as a specially designed photo wallpaper. Soon the fabric collection such as bed linen, cushions and curtains will also be available in the Netherlands.

Maryanne Cartwright, Head of Design: “In creating our design of the year, we emphasize the importance of bringing back the past and recycling old designs to ensure they live on. Florenzia symbolizes the restoration of historic beauty and celebrates new life and gives color to an artwork carefully selected from our archives. The change from this old-style master to a modern design for wallpaper, murals and upholstery has inspired the design team to explore some unique color combinations. has upgraded and revived this traditional archive work in a friendly and welcoming color palette.

In choosing our color of the year, we continued to follow the ‘Flawsome’ trend, recognizing the past and understanding its relevance for the future. This deep shade embodies the best auburn and spicy terracotta tones and brings out the beauty found in natural earth tones. In our studio, we make this possible by seeing the beauty in old objects and making them shine again. Because the future can often be uncertain, we find comfort in looking back and rethinking how something from the past can provide a reassuring presence in the future.”

Complementing the Florenzia Dusk design, Graham & Brown announces the color of the year 2023: Alizarin. A deep and moody yet refreshingly warm auburn shade, the 2023 color of the year has been carefully crafted to create an inviting living space. Alizarin is a loving and all-encompassing shade, dark enough to bring color and depth to a room, but at the same time it is also an uplifting and inspiring shade that offers a creative alternative to the gray and beige tones. Named after the pigment derived from the Rubia plant species traditionally used as a dye around the world, this rich red transports us to ancient and exotic lands. It can be used in small rooms to create a cocooning effect or in larger rooms to transform the room into a luxurious home.

Like all Graham & Brown paints, Alizarin is available in matt wall paint, cleanable matt wall paint, satin gloss and high gloss varnish. Alizarin is an eco-paint: it is water-based, odorless and has a low VOC, resulting in a more environmentally friendly product. The paint cans are fully recyclable and no animal testing is carried out on Graham & Brown products.

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