These are the singles looking for love on Matched By Mom


26-year-old Amber is a cool lady in terms of looks, but her heart is in the right place. She is half Antillean, born in New York, raised in Drenthe and has traveled extensively in Australia. In other words, a real woman of the world. Amber is already in love with her two naked cats, but is still looking for an enterprising romantic with a strong opinion; one who can handle his bubbly character well.


The 29-year-old Cynthia from The Hague is a true entrepreneur at heart and soul. She owns a modeling agency and a hairdressing business. It is therefore not surprising that she is attracted to an ambitious and enterprising man. The person must also be well-groomed, because she cannot stand someone who smells or has disheveled hair. Besides entrepreneurship, she loves nature, animals and her religion is also important to her. Cynthia herself wants a large family with three or four children, so she is really looking for a man who shares this desire with her.


Daphne is 23 years old and lives in Amsterdam. The small Limburg village where she originally came from was much too ‘small’ for her outspoken character. Daphne is looking for a real companion who is always there for her and with whom she can do fun things. She finds respect and trust in a relationship very important. In addition, her relationship must be equal and she must not be looked after. She can also stand on her own two feet, so Daphne doesn’t need a man for that.


Isabel is only 20, but already knows exactly what she wants. She currently works as an account manager in an ICT company, but she does this primarily to build up a buffer so that she can start her own business. In terms of character, Isabel is above all very sweet, but also sincere and steadfast. She is not afraid to open up and she is emotionally mature for her age. Isabel likes slightly older sporty and sociable men who have a bit of a ‘villain face’.


Family is very important to 28-year-old Joy from Rotterdam. It is a dream for her to have a partner who shares the same family values. Joy is extremely ambitious, she has worked in the banking sector for some time and is climbing the career ladder here. Ultimately, she wants to become a real estate entrepreneur. Joy’s ideal man is tall and has a typical Dutch direct character. She also appreciates openness and honesty in a potential partner.


23-year-old Joyce is a cheerful, enthusiastic girl who can be a clumsy flapper at times. She is confident, but she is quite insecure about her love life; she has never had a ‘real’ steady relationship. As for the type of man, Joyce is looking for a fun and romantic person who doesn’t beat around the bush and just goes after her. Appearance-wise, she doesn’t have a fixed type, because according to her, a man must ‘have something’ that immediately makes her feel attracted. So Joyce might fall for a man you don’t expect.


Three years ago, this lively, blonde 31-year-old lady got a taste of entrepreneurship, and it went very well. Now she never wants to work for a boss again. In the field of work, the Haarlem bombshell has a strong opinion and, in her own words, prefers to be a loner. In the area of ​​love, a man must continuously trigger her, otherwise she will quickly get bored. Her future partner has to take into account the critical view of his mothers because they are real three hands on a stomach.


25-year-old Kyra is an angry lady who doesn’t mince words. With her sweet smile, she is sometimes considered a wallflower until she opens her mouth! She also has a very caring and helpful side. She has always said that she will start having children at 31, so in five years she will be settled with a child. A man must also have a desire to have children! Being able to trust each other and keep doing ‘your own thing’ is important to her in a relationship.


The 23-year-old Lisanne is the calm, sweet one girl next door. Her calm demeanor comes across as a bit mysterious. She’s a homebody, although she doesn’t think a party is wrong every now and then. Lisanne, her ideal man, with whom she would like to build that future, has a sense of style and is therefore well dressed. Furthermore, he is ambitious, sweet, caring, intelligent and she can have good conversations with him. It is also ideal if he is on good terms with her parents.


The cheerful Nikki is 25 years old and lives in Amsterdam. She is almost done with her studies in legal services and then she starts a job in sales recruitment. Instead of a hobby, Nikki prefers to spend her free hours surrounded by friends and family. Good company is the most important thing to her. If Nikki had to choose, her ideal man is tall and bright-eyed. She also likes a man who is proactive and knows what he wants with his life. In addition, he must be confident, or Nikki will waltz over someone.


The 26-year-old ambitious Petra was a producer in the music industry until the corona crisis, but two years ago she took a job at Zuidas as a finance employee. One of her dreams is to make a documentary about her grandmother’s lifestyle because she lives in Suriname with a native Indian tribe. She wants to capture that before this culture disappears due to outside influences. Petra thinks she’s real’wife material’ is and falls in appearance rather for a relaxed beach boy than for the popular Amsterdam technoboy.


The 24-year-old Romy from Nijmegen can best be described as an enthusiastic, exuberant and sporty girl. She doesn’t fall in love easily and doesn’t want to settle down until someone really adds to her life. Romy does not want to commit to a fixed type, but is very critical. She finds it important that her future partner is sporty, ambitious, but also loyal and yet a little bit crazy. Romy sees herself later living with her partner and preferably with a dog, on the beach and preferably in Haarlem.


The 24-year-old Roshita lives in Amstelveen and wants nothing more than to start a big family. She loves children very much and it comes as no surprise that Roshita has a babysitting job and works as a nanny in a hotel. When it comes to love, things are a little less smooth in her life. Roshita likes men who are taller than her. Or as she puts it with a smile: “When I get married, I just want to wear heels.” And the sarcastic humor? She must also be able to appreciate her future husband.


Groningen Rosemary is 23 years old and is very confident, but certainly not arrogant. She is also sweet and social. She is a real sales tiger and works alongside her regular job in local radio. She thinks it is very important that her dream man can get along with her friends and that he is adventurous and sporty. She thinks that the click with him is the most important thing, but it is a bonus if the in-laws are also nice.


The 24-year-old Shanna from Zoetermeer is a cheerful, spontaneous but also a bit stubborn and chaotic lady. Although she can be a bit chaotic in her daily life, she has full control at work and is very ambitious. Shanna likes to dance and goes to parties. You can also wake her up for a walk in nature or game night with friends. Shanna comes from a warm family and hopes to build an equally good bond with potential in-laws. She is looking for an introverted boy for whom family is also important.


The 27-year-old Sibel lives in Utrecht, is in her graduation phase and has a business in sales. Sibel doesn’t like looks at all, as long as a man is (emotionally) intelligent and there are no awkward silences – she hates that. It is important that her future husband is accepted by her parents, especially by her father because she is a daddy’s boy! Sibel herself also finds it important to have a good relationship with her parents-in-law and especially her mother-in-law. Starting a family is a dream for her.

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