New Crypto ICOs to Invest in on September 22nd

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The crypto market still seems to be suffering from the effects of inflation and interest rate hikes. It is also possible that investors will focus more on the future, this gives room for new and smaller altcoins to grow.

These coins still have a whole future ahead of them and therefore also have a great potential to make big price increases. One way to recognize these types of cryptos is to look at ICOs and token presales. Here you can buy interesting crypto projects at a very low price.

Therefore, in this article we will look at the best new crypto ICOs to invest in right now. These are coins that are still in the first sale and coins that have just finished pre-sale.

New Crypto ICOs To Invest In – September 23rd

Tamadoge (TAMA)

The most interesting altcoin on the market is TAMA, the original token of the Tamadoge metaverse/game to earn game. The game is built on the Ethereum network and it will be possible to keep NFT pets in this game. You can then raise, feed and use these to battle other players.

TAMA’s pre-sale started at the beginning of August and has just ended. The initial goal was €2 million, but it went much better and the project raised €19 million in less than a month. Such a dividend is a sign that much growth is possible with this metaverse game. Also, the first CEX launch will be announced tomorrow.

You can compare the project to Axie Infinity, Tamadoge is a monetization platform that gives users the chance to compete against other NFT pets. are you winning? Then you will be rewarded in TAMA. Furthermore, it will also be possible to sell your NFT pets on another market, so you can earn good money from this game.

with everything more than 68,000 followers on Twitter it is very likely that there will be enough people who will join the metaverse after launch. If so, it could very well be the most successful ICO of the year.

Neptune Mutual (NPM)

Neptune Mutual is a decentralized insurance company that facilitates parametric pools that provide security against risks related to the cryptocurrency market. It raised €5.3 million in May this year following the successful launch of the test net.

It is described in the press release as a “marketplace for parametric coverage of digital assets against hackers.” Stakeholders can choose single or multiple roles. You can, for example, choose to create a coverage group or become a liquidity provider.

It plans to create an IDO for the NPM token on Poolz. Currently, there is no fixed date for the token sale. In the Neptune Mutual ecosystem, NPM will act as a functional token that allows holders to participate as a liquidity provider or participate in an insurance pool.

Magic Square (SQR)

Magic Square is a decentralized Web3 app store in the making. It will work on the Solana blockchain and here it will combine the two functions. A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and something similar to the Apple App Store, only for crypto.

There will be a DEX sale on Poolz first. This will take place next week, September 26th. Within the Magic Square ecosystem, SQR will be used mainly as a governance token. This allows the holders of this token to participate in the decision-making of various features that will or will not be added to the Magic Square ecosystem.

According to Magic Square’s ICO Drops page, 15.5% of the total SQR token will be made available at IDO on September 26th. Later it will also be possible to issue SQR tokens (only from the end of 2023), in addition you can use these tokens on the Magic Square platform in the future.

Magic Square launched the beta version of the app store in August, and in the meantime it has already gained more than 100,000 followers on Twitter. It gives investors hope, it is a popular project, and it remains to be seen in the future whether SQR can realize its potential.

Blood Sword (SWORD)

Swords of Blood is a blockchain RPG game that runs on the Solana blockchain. The promising crypto project will combine game to earn features with very good game mechanics. So managed to gain more than 74,000 followers on Twittersince the Twitter account was launched in February.

Swords of Blood will launch the first version shortly (in the coming days). On the beta server, it will be possible for players to test the game. The contrast with other crypto gaming platforms is great, they usually first issue their initial token and only then launch a beta version of the game.

The Swords of Blood’s ICO started this month on September 1st and in these three weeks it has already raised €3.9 million, with the team’s ultimate goal of €5 million. At the moment the pre-sale is paused, it is due to the updates the platform is making right now as they work on the economy of the game.

The hiatus may be disappointing to some who just wanted in, but it mainly shows that Swords of Blood’s team is taking the project very seriously and wants to get things right. The date of the ICO will be announced soon via the official social media channels.

Battle Infinity (IBAT)

IBAT completed a successful pre-sale last month, raising more than €4 million in less than a month. Since then, the token has been available on PancakeSwap, LBANK Exchange and Coin98, showing that the project is in high demand.

In the last 24 hours, IBAT token has increased by 3.5%, now the price is €0.00309640. Unfortunately, there has been a 13% price drop in the past week and a 26% drop in the past 14 days. If you got in early (during the pre-sale) you still have a good return, namely 100%. The original presale price was €0.0015.

The project runs on the Binance Smart Chain and IBAT is the initial token of the metaverse crypto game project Battle Infinity. It is fully focused on sports, but still in the development phase. In the future, there will be a large number of games based on NFTs, such as the IBAT Premier League.

In the IBAT Premier League, players will create their own fantasy sports team using NFTs from real athletes. These teams will then be able to compete against each other in one of the competitions and the winner will receive the IBAT.

In the future, Battle Infinity will also add more games to the platform. To top it all off, it will also be possible to cancel your IBATs from 24 September. This makes it one of the best cryptocurrencies with a future.

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