Public Space fair: ‘wooden apps’ and climate-adapted solutions

Monday 26 September 2022

Two-day double fair for public space and mobility in the Utrecht Jaarbeurs halls

The eighteenth edition of Trade Fair Public Space will take place on Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 October 2022. It is the largest annual meeting for the design, furnishing, maintenance and management of our residential environment. Block it in the calendar; This year too, you won’t want to miss a visit to the fair!

There is free entry to both the Public Space Trade Fair and the Mobility Trade Fair. The combination fair takes place from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in halls 2, 3 and 4 of the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

Smart apps for more tree information
In our limited urban space, it is not always easy to manage the trees optimally. Especially in these times of climate change, trees have a harder time in the city. Good management is therefore essential to keep these indispensable trees healthy. But thanks to increasingly smarter technology, such as De Boom Inspectors and Bomenwacht Nederland, more sustainable and efficient tree management becomes easier.

Bomenwacht Nederland will demonstrate the improved version of GRIB 2.0 at the Public Space Trade Fair. The app made an improvement last year, making the tool more efficient and user-friendly.

The tree inspectors would like to explain more about ‘Træsyn Plus’ at the fair. Developed alongside TreeTracker in 2020, this tool promises complete tree information for managers to help improve the efficiency of tree inspections.

Climate-adapted solutions in urban areas
Climate-related challenges in built-up areas, such as water storage problems and heat stress, require more integration of green and blue in public green spaces. To address this problem, various innovations are being developed, including Citykross, a climate-adapted concept for underground growth sites, especially in urban areas. This product offers a solution to floods and heat waves as well as to the difficult growing conditions of trees and plants in urban areas. BVB Landscaping will demonstrate this Citykross at the Public Space Trade Fair, which has been adapted by the company for Dutch use after 15 years of implementation in Sweden.

Griffioen Wassenaar also promises to be able to make a significant contribution against heat stress and flooding with its GreentoColour perennial concept. Under the motto ‘give us 40 centimetres, and we will make your city green’, Griffioen will show at the fair how this contribution has been made despite challenges such as the crowds above and below ground (in the form of pipes, cables, densification, etc. ) can be.

GreentoColour perennial concept in urban areas
GreentoColour perennial concept in urban areas

Fair Public Space and Mobility
The fair for the public space focuses on the public space and everything that goes with it. The main themes that will be discussed are: greenery, advice and management, landscape architecture and design, pavement, construction and infrastructure, games and recreation, and lighting and street furniture.

The green sector is one of the most popular sectors during the Public Space Trade Fair every year. Current public discussions on topics such as drought, heat stress and the nitrogen problem require adjustments to landscaping. This makes the green design of public spaces more relevant than ever. The fair is therefore full of (new) products and services from the sector to deal with these challenges. There is also a knowledge square, where sessions on nature-inclusive construction are held, and numerous lectures can be attended.

In contrast to previous years, visitors to the Public Space Trade Fair can also this year take a look at the Mobility Trade Fair, which previously took place in November. The overlap between these two domains is increasing; think about themes like sustainability, nature inclusiveness, accessible smart cities and health. By bringing these events together on one exhibition floor, visitors can be offered a complete picture of the developments taking place.

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