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News item | 28-09-2022 | 16:57

For weeks, a 28-year-old resident of The Hague stayed in his 35-year-old ex-boyfriend’s home on Wognumstraat. Meanwhile, her body lay on the couch, covered by a pile of blankets and other belongings. According to OM, the man strangled his ex in September 2020. The public prosecutor today demanded twelve years in prison against Hagenaar for manslaughter and also TBS with compulsory treatment.

The victim had been in a relationship with the formerly homeless man since 2019. He moved in with her, but he turned out to be aggressive and violent. Among other things, the woman discussed this with a friend. She wanted to end the relationship and have the Haagboeren out of her house.

She was reported missing on October 16, 2020. Police eventually found her body on October 24 on the couch in her own home under a pile of blankets and belongings.

Dead for more than three weeks

The investigation that followed revealed that the victim had died of suffocation. According to the pathologist, she had been dead for at least a week. Other forensic experts believed it was possible she had been dead for more than three weeks.

Extensive DNA testing yielded many leads that matched the suspect’s DNA. This included traces on the victim’s neck. In addition, based on her phone behavior (which suddenly stopped), the police concluded that the woman was probably killed around September 21, 2020.

IP address

All this time (until October 17, 2020, the police appeared at the door in vain) the suspect remained in the house. This follows from the fact that during that period his phone regularly used the upstairs neighbor’s IP address. It turns out that he himself was sitting on the sofa next to the body and eating.

According to OM, he also tried to access the woman’s money via mobile banking. When that failed, he ordered Social Deal vouchers in her name. He treated his brother to dinner and spent the night in a hotel. His brother noticed the suspect was carrying a gold colored phone, the victim’s phone.

Item sold

According to OM, the man also offered the woman’s kitchen equipment for sale on Marktplaats, and he would have sold some of her jewellery. All of this suggests that the suspect at least knew that his ex-girlfriend was no longer alive.

After the police visit on 17 October 2020, the man had moved to his brother in Zoetermeer. On 22 October 2020, he was interviewed by the police and stated that he had not been at her home for three weeks. A provably false statement, it turned out.


The suspect continues to deny having anything to do with the victim’s death. But according to the prosecutor, there is sufficient evidence against him. “Of course, the suspect has the right to remain silent. But by doing so, he allowed the uncertainty for the victim’s family to continue for a long time. And from the moment it became clear how the victim died, the question especially arises: why? What happened? How is how possible that someone is capable of so much evil? That someone treats a friend like that who once took him into his home out of the goodness of his heart?”

She blames the suspect for playing the innocent witness for a long time. It is also aggravating for her that the woman was killed in her own house and the suspect’s behavior afterwards. For example, he would have even sent a message to her mother via her phone to reassure her and to extort another 50 euros.


In his sentence, the officer takes into account that, according to the Pieter Baan Center, the man is mentally retarded and has a personality disorder with antisocial and borderline characteristics. He is also addicted to cannabis and alcohol.

All things considered, the public prosecutor arrives at a sentence of twelve years’ imprisonment and TBS with compulsory treatment. The verdict is due in two weeks.

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