Thermo King renews offer on vans •

Thermo King presented the E-Series, new all-electric cooling units for electric vans at the IAA Transportation show. Added to this is the new VX series, whose compact design now allows both headboard and roof mounting.

The new E series is specially designed for battery-powered electric vehicles between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes. “With the new E Series, we’ve gone back to the drawing board and kept our customers’ needs and the environment at the heart of the unit’s design,” said Graham Wells, product manager for vehicle-powered trucks for Thermo King in Europe. Middle East and South Africa (EMEA). “Battery autonomy, battery life and intelligent energy management between the cooling unit and the battery-electric vehicle are some of the key elements behind the design of the E series to achieve the highest possible efficiency. Therefore, the new E Series will have the least impact on vehicle range and provide greater value to our customers, while contributing to lower total cost of ownership.”

The new E-Series units are directly connected to and powered by the vehicle’s battery. To deliver optimum temperature control performance with lower energy consumption, the new E-series has patented specially designed inverter technology and a powerful variable speed hermetic refrigeration compressor. The patented monitoring and energy management system intelligently optimizes power supply and demand in real time and minimizes the impact on the vehicle’s battery when the vehicle is in motion or stationary during a delivery.

The all-new E-series design and architecture gives drivers and fleet managers the benefits of advanced propulsion technology for electric vehicles with performance previously unattainable in units of this type. The E Series will be available for both single and multi-temperature transport with both cooling and heating modes to meet customers’ many application needs.

The profile design of the new E series makes them versatile and easy to install on vans, chassis cabs and other body types. The device’s compact design delivers extremely high performance at half the weight of a similar device. Lower weight means less impact on the battery electric vehicle’s range and maximizes the vehicle’s payload, increasing operational flexibility and performance.

The new VX series is significantly smaller in size and weighs half the previous units, giving customers up to 80kg more payload. The compact dimensions allow the unit to be mounted on the roof of the vehicle, which was not previously possible with Transport Refrigeration Units (TRUs) with these cooling capacities. The new design is more aerodynamic and attractive.

VX Series models feature new hermetically sealed compressor technology that increases overall efficiency, reduces noise and vibration levels and reduces refrigerant charge for more environmentally friendly operation. The new compressor technology also makes the units suitable for battery-powered vehicles.

“With the new VX series units, we expand our vehicle-driven portfolio and introduce a completely new architecture for chillers in this market segment,” said Graham Wells, product manager vehicle-driven transport refrigeration for Thermo King in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). “The VX series’ new and durable design, smaller dimensions, lower weight and greater cooling capacity give our customers new opportunities to successfully manage and operate their fleet. The VX series delivers exceptional performance even in extremely high and low temperatures. The improved availability makes the models easier to maintain.”

Designed for vehicles from 3.5 to 7.5 tonnes, the new VX series completes Thermo King’s portfolio of vehicle-driven transport refrigeration units. The V-400X is new to the range and delivers a cooling capacity of 4 kW, while the V-500X and V-600X replace the existing V-500 and V-600 models. However, the cooling capacity is increased to 5.5 and 6.5 kW respectively.

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