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THX Network is the only Dutch company admitted to the Techstars Future of Finance Accelerator 2022. The ABN AMRO-backed program has selected 10 startups to develop the architecture for the finance industry in the digital age. From mid-September, the founders in the EDGE Olympic building in Amsterdam will work closely with the mentors from Techstars and ABN AMRO to take their company to new heights. At the beginning of December, the startups will present their progress at a demo day.

Techstars helps entrepreneurs around the world make their businesses succeed. More than 3,000 startups have previously successfully completed one of their 90-day accelerator programs. On September 20, the 10 startups participating in the Future of Finance Accelerator 2022 were announced after a selection of around 400 applications. With companies from all over Europe, Amsterdam can welcome a very diverse group of founders. The THX Network team can guide the others, they were the only ones already stationed in Amsterdam.

It is no coincidence that the Future of Finance Accelerator takes place in Amsterdam, one of Europe’s leading financial centers with a centuries-old tradition of financial innovation. THX Netwerk brings this Dutch innovation drive to blockchain with tools that allow users to implement web3 technology in new and innovative ways. The user-friendly software makes it easy, fast and affordable to launch digital assets such as tokens and NFTs. By taking the technical aspects out of your hands, THX Network makes the web3 revolution accessible to everyone.

In addition to investing experience and knowledge in startups, Techstars a financial stake in the companies participating in the accelerator programme. The American company has invested in more than 1,900 startups since 2016. Techstars invests up to $120,000 annually in more than 300 promising startups. Being admitted to an accelerator program is an achievement in itself for entrepreneurs, the acceptance rate is only 1 to 2 percent.

“The timing of the Techstars program is perfect,” said Mieszko Czyzyk, CEO of THX Network. “We are fine-tuning our product and are currently launching our first business cases. The sessions with mentors are challenging and sometimes confrontational, but the many years of experience that the mentors bring with them only makes us stronger!”

“Now that the investment world has cooled down significantly, it’s more important than ever to help founders,” says Allard Luchsinger, CEO of ABN AMRO + Techstars Future of Finance Accelerator. “With Techstars, we are committed to talented entrepreneurs who build companies at the intersection of fintech, sustainability and digital assets. We help them transform their idea into a successful business”.

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To celebrate their participation in the program, THX Network is giving away NFTs that give interested parties up to €1000 off a premium subscription to the software. The tool makes it easy to distribute these NFTs. Using automated claim links and a THX Network managed wallet, even the most inexperienced web3 users can receive NFT. Discover for yourself how THX Network is removing barriers to web3 by claiming NFT via their Twitter account.

Program masterclass 13 October.

We believe that in 10 years, digital assets will be as normal for businesses as a website. But we are not alone in this. JPMorgan, KcKinsey, Ernst & Young and Deloitte, all major players, agree that digital assets are a trillion-dollar business.

The challenge is that digital assets, especially tokens, are a hassle. Developers are hard to find and the user experience of web3 is still terrible. Our tool changes this. Our software-as-a-service makes it possible to launch digital assets within 1-2-3 and save thousands of dollars in development time. Create your asset, implement it in your own channels and easily onboard your users in a white label wallet.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) uses the software to reward engagement on its employee and policy platform SparkBlue. The THX Network infrastructure has already completed more than 70,000 transactions for UNDP users.

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