First Dutch course drawing perspective on iPad for interior design professionals

Interior designer Tessa Pellemans, from Tessaa’s interior design consulting and design, has developed the first Dutch course drawing perspective drawing on the iPad for interior design professionals. This course will be launched on Monday 3 October at With no fewer than 15 accompanying drawing videos, Tessa takes you by the hand in the Sketchbook program and teaches you step by step the world of perspective drawing on the iPad.

The course is online and can be taken at your own pace. After purchasing the course, students get access to the online environment for one year and can follow the video lessons. Tessa takes students step by step on how to draw different perspectives in Sketchbook. An impression of this can be seen here.

In addition, they can go to the closed Instagram community, where questions are answered and tips and tricks are shared.

The interior design of the future
Drawing perspectives on the iPad is the successor to the successful course ‘interior drawing on the iPad’, which has already been followed by more than 170 students. “As a designer with a graphic background and a love for manual drawing, I was looking for the ultimate combination. It could be smarter, faster and more beautiful than on paper and with markers. The big advantage of drawing on the iPad is that it combines the best of several worlds”, says Tessa. “In this way you preserve your own (drawing) style in an attractive interior, it is not a ‘cold’ computer drawing.”

Because you can work in layers, it’s easy to hide or add things, and by making templates and building a library, you can work much faster and more efficiently, fix mistakes and present step by step. In addition, the drawing is digital, which makes sharing designs easy and ensures full quality. “Designing interiors in this way is the future of interior design,” says Tessa convincingly.

This course is ideal for interior design professionals who want to excel in hand-crafted, personalized designs. Whether you are a beginner, returning or seasoned professional, interior designer, decorator, stylist or decorator, these courses are ideal for anyone who uses a floor plan or drawings to turn their ideas and advice into reality. Tessa: “But of course it doesn’t happen automatically. You must be open to learning new things and willing to invest time in it. I myself have been a pioneer of drawing on the iPad for years, and I have gathered all that experience in these courses so that everyone who takes the course can master these skills and the program much faster. This course is ideal for people who have a passion for interior design and manual drawing. And which will continue to develop!”

Online and live on location
As mentioned, everyone can follow the course online and at their own pace. Tessa also gives the course on location to home and interior stores on request. She did this at Beauhome in Weert, Homestede in Heemstede, Refri in Weert, Wijen lives and sleeps Nederweert, Schoonhoven kitchens and interiors and Woonarsenaal in Oisterwijk. She also organized a live course herself, where the students were taught the intricacies of interior design on the iPad in four weeks.

About Tessa Pellemans
Tessa Pellemans has a background as a graphic designer and interior designer. She worked at various advertising agencies before switching to interior design. After working for more than 15 years at Goossens bor & sover – from interior design consultant to coordinator of the 13 interior design consultants in the company – she took a trip into the art world and also started her own company ‘Tessaas’. Her own company quickly became so successful that it could no longer be combined with her other job, and from September 2020 she is completely independent. In addition to interior design consulting projects for the private and business market, she developed the very first Dutch course in interior drawing on the iPad, which is now being expanded with this second course in perspective drawing on the iPad.

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