Triple your BTC and ETH with this Failsafe Strategy

Do you want to learn how to make a significant profit on your Bitcoin or Ethereum, without risk and without having to watch the prices all day long?

The best strategy is to open an interest-generating wallet.

To see what opening an interest-bearing wallet can offer, let’s use the increasingly popular ArbiSmart as an example. It is a wallet and ecosystem of financial services running on the native RBIS token. Analysts expect the RBIS token to rise to around 70 times its current price by the end of 2022.

The unique benefits of an interest-bearing wallet

The main advantages of an interest-bearing wallet are that there is little risk and that you have to do little for a relatively high return.

ArbiSmart’s EU licensed interest bearing wallet can be used to store Bitcoin, Euro and over twenty other major FIAT and digital currencies. You just deposit an amount and your money will be kept safe for you while it earns money. Even during a crypto crash, the interest rate returned remains constant. The profit is also positive at ArbiSmart with unrivaled percentages of up to 147% per annum.

The flexibility of the wallet is another thing to consider. With ArbiSmart you can lock capital for a short period of 1 to 3 months, or for a long period of 2, 3 and 5 years for a higher return. You can send the interest daily to a special balance that you have immediate access to. Or you lock the interest in the savings account out of the capital you earn at a higher interest rate.

Boost your profits

The economics of the token in your wallet platform can have a huge impact on your potential profit. If you buy a native token RBIS from ArbiSmart, you can earn a better interest on, for example, your Bitcoin and Euros.

Basically, your account level, which is based on how much RBIS you hold, determines the amount of interest you earn on savings balances in all supporting currencies. In addition to better interest rates, the higher account levels also benefit from compound interest.

If you choose to open an RBIS balance, you will earn three times the interest you earn on other balances in other currencies. If you want to keep BTC, Euro or any other balance, you can still boost your profits with the daily interest in RBIS.

Arbismart: Boost your profit

Although the wallet was only launched in July, it continues to grow in number of users. This is because more and more people are buying their RBIS, which keeps the demand for the token growing. The permanently limited supply of RBIS will fall, causing the price to rise and capital gains on top of the profits from wallet interest.

The benefits of a growing ecosystem

Many crypto wallets are part of a broader financial hub that offers additional potentially revenue-generating services.

ArbiSmart, for example, offers another service that, in addition to the crypto wallet, makes your investment more resistant to a bear market. This is a form of low-risk investment strategy that generates passive profit from brief moments when a cryptocurrency is available on a number of exchanges at different prices simultaneously.

Price differences occur in both a rising and falling market. This is due to different liquidity and trading volume between large and small exchanges. All you have to do is deposit an amount which is converted to RBIS and used to carry out crypto arbitrage trading.

ArbiSmart’s arbitration system is connected to almost forty thousand exchanges. The algorithm scans them and identifies price differences, automatically buys the coin at the lowest available price and then sells it at the highest price. Constant passive profit is generated with this method. Depending on your account level, this can be up to 45% per year.

In addition, several new features will be added to the ArbiSmart ecosystem this year. This should further increase the demand for tokens as the use of RBIS is required. Later in Q3 and Q4, ArbiSmart will launch a mobile app, an NFT marketplace and a unique collection of thousands of virtual artworks.

Additionally, a decentralized yield farming program rewards participants with up to 190,000% APY plus 0.3% of fees from each trade. Before the end of the year, the development team also plans to introduce a play-to-earn gaming metaverse and a professional cryptocurrency exchange.

All these interconnected features provide higher returns when used with other services in the ecosystem, increasing the demand for RBIS tokens. For example, a visitor to the ArbiSmart metaverse can increase their score by purchasing an in-game item from the NFT Marketplace.

ArbiSmart with EU license

For anyone who owns a wallet, buying RBIS will earn you a higher return on your BTC and Euro balance. That while you can see significant capital gains on the increasing token value when the new RBIS features are rolled out. These will also generate their own income stream.

If you definitely want to start making high profits in whatever direction crypto prices are headed, we recommend opening an ArbiSmart wallet!

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