#271 ‘Our relationship will be over before the baby arrives’

Jessie was anything but nice to Maud’s baby news. And then it turns out that Maud’s ex Tommy might be pregnant with her new boyfriend. When Maud’s editor-in-chief asks her if she wants to go on a press tour for a champagne tour, Maud decides to tell them honestly that she is pregnant. But the reaction of her editor-in-chief is also disappointing: “Oh dear… nice then”, she exclaimed. Maud is afraid that she will soon be out of work. Then her editor-in-chief calls her…

“I’m sorry Maud. I know it’s Friday night, but I want to apologize for my reaction,” I hear my editor-in-chief explain on the other end of the line. “I should have reacted differently to the news of your pregnancy, and I sorry.” I can see that Gio is looking annoyed that I have to interrupt our romantic date night with a work interview, so I go to another room.

She continues: “I have thought it through again and I am very happy with your work. Would you like to go to the Champagne region after all? I’ll see if Kimberley can come too, so she can taste all the champagne and take nice pictures. You can contribute to the travelogue and I’ll just make sure there are fun trips without alcohol Maud!”

‘Then I come to my next point; I had to share it with you…” She pauses for a moment. “Do you want to write a column about your pregnancy? I would like to discuss the details after the weekend.”

I begin to beam from ear to ear. Your own column! “It sounds fantastic!” I shout. We will discuss the details next week, I wish her a good weekend and excitedly run back to tell Gio the news. But he seems a little less enthusiastic about my eventual new job.

“So you want to openly share your entire life with a hundred thousand readers? The baby isn’t even born yet! And what will you do if you are heavily pregnant? You really don’t go to work. It is really bad for the child! You always want more work and I know how you feel about deadlines!” A lively discussion ensues. Gio thinks pregnancy is so special. He thinks it’s a weird idea if I just share it with everyone. He is also afraid that I will have too much work stress, which is of course bad for the child. However, I find it unreasonable and annoying. “I’m pregnant, not disabled! I don’t want to lock myself in the house for months,” I shout.

I try to explain to him that writing is a kind of therapy for me. That I hope to be able to help other young women, and that of course I will share all the columns with him first. I’m not going to let this writer’s dream of a column take away from me just like that.

Gio mumbles that I should give it a chance, but then sits on the sofa with a sullen head and then doesn’t say anything more to me. I feel the tears welling up and try to wash them down with a sip of non-alcoholic red wine. Which, by the way, just tastes like overpriced grape juice…

After half an hour I’m done with the game ‘who can shut up the longest’. “What’s going on honey?” I whisper in an attempt to resolve this discussion like adults.

“Just, you idiot. My parents.” With great effort, a story comes out with Gio. He apparently went to his parents to tell the baby news, but his parents had a big fight. “I’ve never seen them scream like that. My dad drove off angry. He hasn’t slept at home for two nights and I’m so excited to tell my parents the baby news… But in a fun way!”

Gio sits down on his talking chair and rattles on. He is suddenly afraid of parenthood, afraid of whether our relationship will survive and worried about whether everything will be okay with the child. “Soon our relationship will end before baby comes!?” he says with so much panic in his eyes that I almost cry myself. But somehow I have to laugh too. “You haven’t gotten rid of me yet, I really like you!”, I laugh as I give him a comforting kiss.

Gio snuggles close to me again. “Sorry, I just reacted a little harshly,” he whispers. “Of course I want to support you, but I’m just afraid that things will go wrong between us. I don’t want to pressure you or anything, but I… well. There is silence for a moment. Then he looks at me with his puppy dog ​​eyes. “I just want to be with you every day. I want to take care of you and know how you feel. I really just want to stay with you…”

Maud (23) likes to party and travel. She recently started as an editor for a magazine. She is pregnant with her new boyfriend Gio and has recently started living on her own again in her own house near Amsterdam. Every week you read her adventure in a new one episode from Maud’s Night Book.

#270 ‘Now I have to tell my editor-in-chief that I’m going to miss myself for several months’

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#271 ‘Our relationship will be over before the baby arrives’

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