Sustainable crypto coin offsets CO2 emissions

The pre-sale of the new sustainable crypto coin IMPT has started. The sustainable cryptocoins are available in phases starting today via the project’s official website.

For investors looking for a green way to invest in cryptocurrency, the sustainable crypto coin is a unique opportunity to support a sustainable crypto project.

The IMPT token makes it possible to buy, sell and trade carbon credits on their own platform. The project is committed to starting a green revolution for cryptocurrency’s image and, in addition to sustainability, focuses on creating social impact by supporting carefully selected projects.

Regarding the need for a sustainable crypto-coin, IMPT says the following on their website:

“Climate change is now affecting every country in the world. According to the UN, the average surface temperature is expected to increase during the 21st century and is expected to exceed 3 degrees Celsius. Therefore, reducing the carbon footprint together with radical emission reductions is essential to prevent temperature increases.”

The project is built on the Ethereum network. It just got a major update to Ethereum 2.0 that moved from a Proof-of-Work to a Proof-of-Stake system. This has made the ETH blockchain more than 99% more energy efficient in one fell swoop.

Because the IMPT token combines this with offsetting CO2 emissions and your carbon footprint as an individual, company or institution, it is arguably the ‘greenest’ cryptocurrency in the world. It is therefore immediately one of the most promising cryptos this year.

More information about IMPT Presale

Please note: Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile and unregulated investment.

Invest in Sustainable Crypto Coin IMPT and help the planet

The IMPT token is not the first cryptocurrency to promise a revolution. But unlike its competitors, IMPT has a broad vision. They want to make a positive impact in all areas and also make it transparent, reliable and verifiable.

It’s a hot-top: the CO2 footprint. And cryptocurrency has a bad reputation, bolstered by news reports about the huge carbon footprint and energy consumption of network transactions (and NFTs, for example) and cryptomining. The upgrade from Ethereum to Proof-of-Stake is a sign that the industry itself is taking this very seriously and wants to change it.

As a sustainable crypto coin, IMPO token is fully committed to their goals. For example, the carbon offset is not only about the token as an afterthought, but the functionality/service offered is the supply and secure trading of carbon credits and support for selected projects.

IMPT is the green cryptocurrency platform for carbon offsetting that connects entrepreneurs, crypto fans, individuals and companies who want to do something about the climate.

Thousands of brands have already committed to the IMPT platform. In total, there are already more than 10,000 partners for the CO2 compensation platform.

Eco-minded Social IMPT Platform

On the IMPT platform you collect points and track your activity. Every time you buy something from one of the associated partners and brands, they invest a percentage in one of the climate projects carefully selected by IMPT. In addition, the buyer receives a reward in the form of sustainable crypto coins, IMPT tokens.

The size of the impact depends on the sales margin that the seller sets. Subsequently, consumers can choose who they shop with and to what extent they therefore support a green business.

IMPT assesses which projects are eligible for support based on a number of prerequisites within the area of ​​direct and potential impact on people and nature. The worldwide protocols and certification for sustainability are thus guaranteed.

It is also developing its own mobile application and IMPT widget to make it easier to see who the partners are and how big the impact is.

IMPT sustainable cryptocurrency brands

Green NFT Marketplace

IMPT tokens can be exchanged for carbon credits. These can be converted – and minted – as NFTs on the special green NFT marketplace IMPT.

The NFTs can then be used for the carbon footprint. If this is done, the NFT itself will be destroyed. The owner of the NFT is given an incentive to do so in the form of their own collectible, a new NFT from selected artists.

On IMPT’s green NFT marketplace, IMPT tokens can be converted into carbon credits, which can be freely traded as NFTs. Users are encouraged to use the NFTs as a carbon offset tool and then receive a collectible. IMPT sustainable crypto NFT marketplace

How IMPT Token Marketplace Works – 3 Levels

Level 1: It is possible to buy the sustainable IMPT tokens with other cryptocurrencies or fiat. This makes it possible to buy CO2 credits and convert them into NFTs registered on the blockchain.

Level 2: These NFTs can be traded freely on the green NFT marketplace. They can also be used for carbon offsets or stored and sold later.

Level 3: If an NFT is used, the owner will receive a new NFT for it. This will be a collector’s item, designed by the artist. This NFT can also be freely traded.

Information Presale of the sustainable cryptocurrencies by IMPT

You can invest in IMPT tokens with cryptocurrency Ethereum. Then you visit the website of, and there connects the crypto-wallet with Ethereum.

The IMPT token will be sold in 3 phases. Prices will increase in phases and in total 40% of the total supply of 3 billion IMPT tokens will be sold.

In the first stage of the presale, the price per IMPT token is $0.0180, and in the last stage it increases to $0.0280. That is a difference of 55%, and after the listing on a crypto exchange, this may increase further.

Presale IMPT Token Phases:

Phase 1: 20% – 600,000,000 tokens – $0.0180

Phase 2: 22% – 660,000,000 tokens – $0.0230

Phase 3: 18% – 540 million tokens – $0.0280

10% of sustainable crypto coins (300 million) have already been bought by investors at a price of $0.0120 per coin. The IMPT token. Investor demand seems to be increasing rapidly at the moment.

The director of the IMPT project is Denis Creighton. This is an experienced businessman, with more than a quarter of a century of experience as a director/chairman in the IT and finance sector.

More information about IMPT Presale

Please note: Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile and unregulated investment.

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