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Tuesday 4 October 2022

Two-day double fair for public space and mobility in the Utrecht Jaarbeurs halls

The eighteenth edition of Trade Fair Public Space will take place on Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 October 2022. It is the largest annual meeting for the design, furnishing, maintenance and management of our residential environment. Block it in the calendar; This year too, you won’t want to miss a visit to the fair!

There is free entry to both the Public Space Trade Fair and the Mobility Trade Fair. The combination fair takes place from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in halls 2, 3 and 4 of the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

Green in height
Greening is not only possible at ground level, there is also plenty of space and possibility at height to create more greenery, such as on roofs and facades. For example, King Rootbarrier, known for weed control, water management and root pressure prevention products, will introduce Sam Groofing’s new green vegetation roof at the show. The roof, with plugs from our own nursery, promises the regular benefits of green roofs, such as the insulating effect, water buffering capacity, CO2 capture and stimulation of biodiversity, and promises to get a roof covered with up to 75% after one growing season the different types sedum vegetation. After two seasons, it is completely covered.

Vegetation of a flat roof
Vegetation of a flat roof

Sustainable and circular entrepreneurship by Groenkeur entrepreneurs
Stichting Groenkeur, an independent green label, organizes workshops during the fair where it presents the new version of the Groenkeur guidelines. In addition to quality requirements, this will also include sustainability standards. In addition, Groenkeur guides visitors to Groenkeur contractors during Groenspiratie Tours. A new feature is the introduction of sustainable and circular entrepreneurship by the Groenkeur contractors. ‘This is a logical step, because from 1 January 2023, circular tendering will be mandatory for buyers,’ says Groenkeur. In collaboration with the Butterfly Foundation, emphasis is also placed on organic roadside care under the Color label.

Ecological border management
Ecological border management

Safe battery storage
The rise in batteries in the sector is not entirely without risks. Lithium batteries pose a significant fire risk. For this reason, among other things, a new guideline is on its way; PGS 37-2. From the government to the storage of lithium batteries, but also insurance companies adjust their policies accordingly. Seefion is at the fair to inform green space providers and entrepreneurs about these new (legal) developments with their solution; Seefion safes. The company has also released a number of smaller safes this year; Seefion 08 and Seefion 10. So even companies with a smaller battery charge can safely work emission-free and store equipment.

A Seefion fire safe with Stihl battery products
A Seefion fire safe with Stihl battery products

Electric machines for the green sector
The demand for electric machines is increasing. Van der Haeghe, importer of brands such as Iseki and Ferris, as well as electric commercial vehicles from Addax and Koppl, is also responding to this demand. Köppl, known for its two-wheeled tool holders, launched a professional electric variant on the market. With the electric tool holder Compact Comfort (CC-E) with gantry mower from Koppl, Van der Haeghe also meets targets in ecological mowing. The Iseki compact tractors have recently been made suitable for use with the HVO 100, which promises to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90%.

The new CC-E electric two-wheel tool holder from Köppl
The new CC-E electric two-wheel tool holder from Köppl

Fair Public Space and Mobility
The fair for the public space focuses on the public space and everything that goes with it. The main themes that will be discussed are: greenery, advice and management, landscape architecture and design, pavement, construction and infrastructure, games and recreation, and lighting and street furniture.

The green sector is one of the most popular sectors during the Public Space Trade Fair every year. Current public discussions on topics such as drought, heat stress and the nitrogen problem require adjustments to landscaping. This makes the green design of public spaces more relevant than ever. The fair is therefore full of (new) products and services from the sector to deal with these challenges. There is also a knowledge square, where sessions on nature-inclusive construction are held, and numerous lectures can be attended.

In contrast to previous years, visitors to the Public Space Trade Fair can also this year take a look at the Mobility Trade Fair, which previously took place in November. The overlap between these two domains is increasing; think about themes like sustainability, nature inclusiveness, accessible smart cities and health. By bringing these events together on one exhibition floor, visitors can be offered a complete picture of the developments taking place.

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