‘Seeing your identity in your inner self: that’s what we’re after’ – Barneveldse Krant


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CHILDREN’S VIOLENCE “Rooms are created automatically when you start from the residents’ identity and wishes,” says Babbet Duijkers. As the founder of BABBET, Barneveld designs and realizes exclusive interiors for individuals who want to build or renovate a home. “What we do in an interior: to seek connections, balance and establish a solid foundation from the client’s identity.”

Yes, the land or house has been purchased. You can already imagine how you will soon enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning sun or the elaborate dinner with family and friends in this amazing place. But there is still a lot to be done first. Because what is possible in this place? How much space do you want in your house? Where should the kitchen be and which materials do you choose? Where does the morning sun actually shine in the house? Home automation, acoustics, lighting, floors, curtains, furniture… How do you make sure everything is right? Where can you find reliable suppliers? And not unimportantly, how do you ensure that everything is realized within the budget? In short: a lot of questions. Babbet Duijkers: ,,Describes what we at BABBET deal with on a daily basis and what we have geared our working method to.”

De Barneveldse has been in the business for twenty years and already has many beautiful projects to his name. From luxury homes to Pancake House de Schaffelaar and locations of Dolfijn childcare. At the moment, Babbet is, among other things, busy with a house on Van den Bogertlaan in Barneveld. “We are doing a total renovation here, including making it more sustainable and a completely new layout. While talking to the resident, we found out that not only the interior needed to be adapted, but that the design and exterior of the garden also needed to fit in with the whole. I take care of the complete design, the complete supervision and I keep an eye on the aesthetics.”

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A luxurious and inviting bespoke kitchen, designed by Babbet.

INTERIOR DESIGN De Barneveldse likes to get involved in a project at an early stage, so she can share her creative vision for the design with the architect and builders, and later with the construction team. ,,One plus one must become three. Together we take the overall picture to a higher level. In that phase, we contribute ideas about the interior of the house, we ensure that the exterior and interior are coordinated, and that practical and aesthetic installations can be combined. Together we make our customers’ housing dreams come true.” This is how Babbet translates wishes and ideas into suitable and personal furnishings. “With over twenty years of experience, we create order in the sometimes quite scary inner world.”

3D DRAWINGS “With input from the client, we start with the sketch design, which must test whether all wishes and ideas are feasible and at the same time serve as a basis for making follow-up decisions. We present the sketch design on the basis of floor plans and mood pictures. In the final design, we record all choices: materials, colors, furniture, lighting and other finishes. Using 3D drawings and a virtual walk through the house, we present the design and certain choices become clear. We obtain offers based on technical drawings of a custom-made piece of furniture.”

DETAILS A good, realistic visualization of a design helps with decision-making during the design process. “Once the design is complete, the choices are made, spare parts are ordered and construction or renovation has started, we continue to monitor the entire process and adjust where necessary. As a member of the construction team, we attend construction meetings and visit construction sites to discuss details with the team.”

STYLING The craftsmen have left, the scaffolding has broken down and the dust has settled: “Then we dot the ‘i’ and ensure that the styling and renovation are made into a whole on the spot.” Accessories, plants and flowers complete the home and bring it to life.

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