Halloween party ‘too shocking and scary for young children’

The organization must meet with the mayor about the Halloween party. Photo for illustration. Photo: Omroep Gelderland

TWELLO – An evening of terror for children in the village of Twello. After two corona years, a group of residents and entrepreneurs are again busy organizing this Halloween party. But not everyone is happy about it. Councilor Arco Hak (SGP) believes that the previous edition was so gruesome that it would be shocking to children.

“Crosses with skeletons hanging from them, a table with bloody limbs and a man walking around with a skull on a stick”, Arco Hak and about twenty other residents say they are ‘shocked’ in 2019 by what they see in the center by Twello. Now that the party is back on the agenda, they have knocked on the door of the municipality. He now wants the parties to talk together.

Haunted house and actors

Earlier this year, Voorst municipality already gave permission for the event on 4 November. “In all these years we have received no complaints. Children here love it all,” says Michel van den Hengel, who organizes the event with a group of residents and entrepreneurs. “Everyone is already asking when is the party?”

According to him, between 400 and 500 children shuddered in the previous edition. “It’s really meant for kids. There are bonfires in the center, there’s a big haunted house, there are actors dressed as ghosts or creepy people, kids can paint and get a nice gift at the end.”

‘Too scary and too intense’

Entrepreneurs provide some tasty treats and even decorate their shop in the ‘Halloween’ theme. “For example, the butcher had made witch soup last time and he had hung up a pair of overalls with a couple of sausages hanging out. Like the intestines were coming out.” According to him, it is up to the parents whether they come to be scared. “If you don’t like it, don’t come.”

According to Hak, however, it is no longer about horror, but about horror. It would be too scary and too intense for small children. “If you see images on television, be warned, they were even more shocking images. Children are not prepared for this at all. I don’t want to say that Halloween should be abolished, but here people went too far back then (2019) ) and we have expressed our concern. If they leave those things out, I’m fine with that.”


After the 2019 edition, Hak called the then mayor about the horror festival. At the time, he announced that an evaluation would be carried out and that this would form part of a possible new permit. Hak recently contacted the municipality again because he heard no more about the commitment from 2019.

He himself already approached the organization with the question of whether something would be done about his criticism this year. “Then I came back: ‘Too bad, permission has already been granted and we won’t comply with your request’. You can just discuss it, can’t you?”

‘Talk to each other’

Because of the criticism, the municipality has now asked the organization to come to the town hall as soon as possible. “We suddenly got a letter under our noses that we should speak to the mayor, an official and Mr. Hak, at a children’s party that you are organizing. It is not about anything,” says the organization.

Spokesperson Linda Simons from Voorst municipality says what the purpose of the conversation is. “It is a request from ‘Gee, sit at the table for a while’. Grow among yourselves and see if you can get out together. Maybe it could be a little less intense? That’s not what we’re talking about, but talk to each other’.

According to Simons, all requirements for the permit application have been met. According to Simons, the municipality has no influence on the content of a Halloween event. “We have no basis to make demands for that.” Meanwhile, the organization of the Halloween event continues with the preparations. “We don’t plan to make many adjustments.”

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