Man denies pimping daughter and two women

Wednesday 5 October 2022 at 14.05

THE LEEUWARD – Why did his daughter file a complaint against him? A 48-year-old man from Oentsjerk wondered that on Tuesday when he heard her statement about their sex and sexual exploitation. In his eyes, the man had done nothing wrong. He actually thought he was the victim.

His 19-year-old daughter came to live with him in December 2019 (until June 2020) in a one-room house on Frisiastate. There was no father-daughter relationship, but there was sex. “We are two adults in an equal relationship.” At one point, a 19-year-old girl also came to live with them. She slept on the couch because there was no more room.

Sexual exploitation

The prosecution suspects the man of arranging sex deals and usually keeping the money himself. In a legal sense, case law talks about sexual exploitation and human trafficking. The man was warned because the public prosecutor’s office in the eastern Netherlands had already started an investigation following a report from his daughter in 2019.


Exactly one year earlier, he had lived with his daughter for some time in a caravan at the Hanenberg campsite in Ermelo. The relationship he had there with another woman was also normal for him, “especially because they were over 18”. “We wanted another girl to expand our game,” he said. She was taken from a ‘sheltered housing’ facility. He had helped her with that. “We’ve been protecting her from those men,” he explained, referring to a pimp. The man had sex with her, also with his daughter. He thought it was fine that there was also prostitution in his caravan. “They wanted to have as much sex and orgies as possible, and they were sometimes paid for it.”

‘Fantastic instructor’

While the man sees his daughter as the big director, the Prosecutor’s Office suspects him of arranging the deals. The income was often kept under a blanket or a safe. Almost all the money would go to the man, and the women hardly ever saw anything for it. The man denied that it was a matter of coercion. Because the man had a huge debt, they were mainly ‘surviving’ at the time.


The man grew up in a family with a violent father, and also in terms of sexual behavior there was not a healthy situation. It happened again with his daughter. She got into a relationship with her 16-year-old stepbrother at the age of eleven. According to the man, he only found out afterwards, while his daughter told the police that she was forced and that he knew everything.


On November 10, 2018, an argument escalated and the police had to intervene. Officers were unable to make an arrest because there were only two stories about father and daughter. The daughter spoke to an agent for the first time about the incest and that she had sex 1 to 10 times a day. She had sex with him if he wanted to. That was the reason she went and reported him.


After some wanderings, the man ended up in the senior home in Oentsjerk in August 2019. He kept in touch with his daughter and even visited her when she lived at the nursing home Zonnehoeve in Zeewolde. At a certain point he took her to Friesland.

Around the turn of the year, the 19-year-old woman also joined. The man would also have separated her from family and friends. She initially did an internship and lived in rooms in Leeuwarden. Because of the man, she stopped doing it in February 2020. “I was at my most vulnerable point and he pushed me into it.” He also had sex with this new girl. He initially denied it, but after police showed him video footage, he admitted they had sex twice. She also had to do it with other men.

‘Payment Dates’

Just like in Ermelo, the sex dates started again. The victim told police she had to take a pill to loosen up. Although he did not use drugs himself, he gave them to the women. The police traced 45 customers and 9 were further investigated. The customers said the man fixed everything. When asked why the 48-year-old resident let everything happen in his house, he replied: “I should have stayed away from it the first time after she filed a report. I have no answer.

Sex at the pump in Opeinde

Sex appointments were also arranged on the spot, including at a gas station on Wâldwei near Opeinde. His daughter disappeared with the man in the office while the man was in the store. The customer paid 120 euros. There was also once sex in a truck in Ryptsjerk. The man said his daughter wanted to meet someone. The driver paid 100 euros. The man remembered nothing when the court pointed him to the chats he himself had with this driver. He would have only been a driver.


The daughter stated about gender: “It’s never really been voluntary. I’ve never actually learned how it normally works”. She wanted attention from her father on the one hand. During sex with her father, he sometimes choked her until she passed out. She continuously drugged herself with drugs. The man said it was the other way around and that she liked hard sex.


Prosecutor Thea Pitstra blames the suspect for abusing her daughter and the women while they were in a vulnerable position. His daughter had a drug problem when she moved in with him. She could not refuse sex with her father, and she could not make important choices such as paid sex. Even though she herself had a part in everything, the man should have just said ‘no’. “The suspect simply enjoyed sex with him and with others too much.”

For sex with and sexual exploitation of his daughter and the two other women, the officer demanded the 48-year-old man on Wednesday a prison sentence of 4 years minus custody (18 months ed.) and TBS with compulsory treatment. According to the experts, there is a high risk of relapse.

‘Incest is not punishment’

Councilor Jan Snape started his defense of ‘adult incest’. That was the common thread throughout the case. “It remains morally socially objectionable, but it is simply not punishable.” The daughter’s statements are also contrary to the truth. She may have done so because of negative reactions to the relationship with her father and prostitution.

Sex farm in Damwâld

“Everything she says has to be taken with a grain of salt, because everything she says just can’t be…” Snape said. For example, she claimed that she had serviced thousands of clients and that there was a sex farm on the outskirts of Damwâld where she had sex. The police have never been able to find this house. She would have driven there blindfolded. The police in Friesland also only reached 45 customers. Snape requested that his client be acquitted. In his view, the women’s vulnerable position is insufficiently substantiated by the prosecution.

The multiple chamber of the Leeuwarden District Court will decide on 2 November at 1 p.m.

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