Would you like more passion in your relationship? Then you better not do these six things

Don’t start an affair

It sounds quite logical, but many go looking for excitement beyond the primary relationship. Because honestly: who doesn’t like the excitement leading up to a first kiss and discovering a new body? The rush with a new connection is strong, and per by definition, our long-term partners cannot deliver it. This does not mean that everyone should be looking for a lover. Learn to accept that gender changes over time. Release yourself from the pressure to feel new sensations. It is unrealistic. Instead, be what you have in your existing relationship. Understanding, depth, intimacy and shared pleasure usually surpass the wildest dreams of one night stands.

Stop snuggling in the seat every day

The closer we get to our partner, the more space we share, the more our habits become intertwined, the more we become like brother and sister … and turn each other off. The cliché seems to be true in every culture: the blushing young woman transforms from femme fatale to caring mother, while her husband evolves from battered groom to exhausted grunt. Free yourself from libido-inhibiting pleasure. Cherish distance, privacy and independence instead of always doing everything together and focus on rediscovering yourself. What do you like to do? Tap into that secret part of yourself and encourage your partner to do the same. You may not be lying on the couch together, but you will feel butterflies fluttering in your stomach again.

Don’t ignore the problem

However, reviving your own independence does not mean that you are never at home and can automatically ignore the problem. Mazaurette compares it to a visit to Paris: tourists want to see everything and are too tired at the end of the day to enjoy the simple beauty of the Seine. The moral of the story? Don’t plan too much, leave room for spontaneity…Get bored while you’re together and see what happens. Think of a weekend without Wi-Fi in the countryside and without plans. The first few hours may feel strange, but later you may be surprised at what there is to discover.

Don’t always aim for an orgasm

When that naughty spark reappears, you want to do everything you can to keep it burning. Don’t think sex is about achieving orgasm: this is the perfect time to question why you’re having sex in the first place. Is it about feeling connected to your partner? Erotic fantasy and play? Or are you only attracted to reaching a climax? If the latter is recognisable, according to the expert, you are missing out on a whole world of intimacy and exploration. She recommends that you also give erotic massage and conversations a chance in bed, so that you can new physical highlights can come.

Don’t do anything against your will

If we don’t like a certain movie, we don’t tie ourselves to the sofa to watch the print all the way through. Let alone watch it repeatedly. Pushing oneself to perform sexually can be seen in the same way. You might be doing the other person a favor, but not yourself, so it certainly won’t do wonders for the relationship. It’s okay not to like something. It’s about giving yourself space to touch the ground with your wildest imagination, to allow yourself to grow and communicate your desires. And that completely free of someone else’s wishes.

Don’t give in to the grind

Mazaurette always advises readers to separate their thinking into horizontal and vertical. Folding the laundry, shopping, scrolling endlessly until you find a new series, changing the sheets and all the other banalities of common life are horizontal. Going on a trip you have long dreamed of, starting a dance course, doing voluntary work: these are examples of vertical thinking. It is good to alternate between the two. New activities allow you to rise above the banality of the banal and learn things about both yourself and your partner. push get out of your comfort zone and be surprised.

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