Best coins to buy in the current dip

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A declining market naturally presents new opportunities for investors seeking value for their investment portfolio. We have listed the best coins to buy in the current dip in this article.

1.) Helium (HNT)

Our number 1 on the list of coins to buy in the current dip is Helium coin. This coin may sound familiar as it is the native token of the Helium network – a blockchain-based network for IoT (Internet of Things) devices that uses different nodes as hotspots to connect different wireless devices.

Helium rate

This token (HNT) is the foundation of the network, as it is possible to make payment options on the network. It should also act as an incentive to increasingly use Helium because you get HNT tokens every time your hotspot sends data over the network.

HNT is currently at €4.98. A slight drop from the previous days, but still well below this week’s high.

The reason for this increase is the announcement by Helium to switch to the Solana blockchain. This switch, unveiled last month, would mean that all governance and tokens will soon be run through Solana.

As the developers state in their statement, the switch to Solana allows them to more easily make HNT available with subDAO pools.

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2.) Terra Luna Classic (LUNC)

LUNC used to be the main token of the Terra Stablecoin network. But after the Terra crash last April, when the value dropped by 99%, this is no longer the case. Terra then switched to a new cryptocurrency and a new blockchain fork.

LUNC rate

Despite this shift, many of Terra’s original users are still committed to LUNC and are working together to return this coin to its former place. At the time of writing, the coin stands at €0.00030297, an increase of 0.8% from yesterday’s rate.

Although LUNC has lost much of its value over the past year, it is still supported by a large community. Where the original Terra owners still have faith that the coin will one day rise to old heights.

One of the major issues before LUNC’s crash was the sheer amount of tokens available. The coin’s circulating supply was 6 billion tokens. A solution implemented for this is to burn tokens, currently 1.8 million of these tokens have already been burned.

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3.) GMX (GMX)

GMX is a decentralized spot and perpetual crypto exchange that allows its users to trade without price impact while offering low swap fees through market making and leveraged trading.

This platform uses Chainlink oracles to obtain dynamic price information through various crypto exchanges. Currently this runs through the Avalanche and Arbitrum Layer 2 chains.

GMX rate chart

Currently, the native token of the GMX platform is priced at €45.02. A decrease of 6.0% in the last 24 hours.

Currently, GMX is still trying to establish a foothold in the market, but the coin is on the rise. Early this week, the coin was featured on Binance and FTX, leading to a 35% increase between Tuesday and Wednesday.

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4.) Quantum (QNT)

QNT is the ticker symbol for Quant, a blockchain network that makes it easier for users to exchange information. This network was created to make it easier to exchange different information without barriers. It has many different layers for specific tasks such as transactions, messages and orders.

quant token price

QNT, this platform’s token is currently at €140.46. A small drop of 1.3% in the last 24 hours, but overall this coin has made good gains over the last few weeks.

Quant has decided to expand the exchange between blockchains. Last month, the network released Overledger 2.0.5. It is a payment API that will bridge multiple payment settlement ecosystems.

The bottom line: best coins to buy in this dip

Of course, while the crypto winter continues, there are still many opportunities in altcoins. We have mentioned 4 currencies in this article which are definitely worth considering considering their price trends.

Another currency that is definitely worth considering is the IMPT token. This token belongs to a blockchain network with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions. This coin has only just gone on sale, but is already getting a lot of attention in the media.

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