Exhibition ‘Do they live happily ever after?

During five Sunday afternoons: 16, 23, 30 October and 6 November and Wednesday afternoon 26 October, the Cultuurtoren Honsoirde offers from 13.00 and 17.00 in Nieuwkuijk on the grounds of the Mariënkroon monastery an exhibition of works of art depicting how difficult a relationship is. can be and that not everyone lives happily together.

For more information: https://www.honsoirde.nl/2022/06/15/project-huiselijk-geweld-en-kindermisgedrag.

We know them well, the adventures that end with: …And they lived happily ever after. But everyday life is unfortunately not that simple, which can lead to an accumulation of tension in relationships.

Together you will embark on a hopeful journey towards a future that you imagine. However, it can happen due to all sorts of circumstances that you lose each other during this journey. As a result, not all relationships end in a long and happy life (together). And sometimes situations really get out of control and family members become victims of domestic violence. Meet Heusden wants, together with various cultural partners, to make the residents aware of what can happen in a relationship if things don’t go well or if the relationship has ended. “A happy life” is therefore the name of Heusdens municipality’s project on domestic violence and child abuse. The Cultuurtoren Honsoirde contributes to this by offering artists with a capital and a small k the opportunity to exhibit their artworks on this subject.

Hit hard
Sometimes you hear it through the walls, the screams, sometimes you see a child or young person ducking away from a family member in fear, being seriously naughty or incredibly obedient. Then of course there doesn’t have to be violence at all, but it’s still good to keep your ears and eyes open. The woman or the man, the girl or the boy, who has few or no social contacts, who exhibits nervous behavior around a family member, these may be signals.

Art and culture as means of expression
People often have a feeling that ‘something’ is not right, but find it difficult to start a conversation about this with a family member, friend or neighbour. They often wonder if their feeling is correct and if they should ‘mess’ with it. It’s hard to start a conversation about something as serious as domestic violence.

Art shows something, makes you feel, touches you. Paintings, statues, and other art forms can evoke images that can open eyes, encourage conversation, and promote understanding. If you look closely at the artworks displayed during the exhibition, you might be able to recognize the signals a little better because of this.

Need help?
Do you have questions or do you need support for your relationship or because of a divorce? Or are you worried about someone close to you? Take a look at www.bijeenheusden.nl. Bijeen offers, among other things, support in the event of divorce or can help you along the way.

Perhaps the exhibition is a reason for you to express your concern about something you have been dealing with for some time. Are you concerned about abuse, threats or domestic violence against yourself or others? Then you can call or chat with Safe home. It’s free and if you want you can do this anonymously, day and night: 0800-2000.

Children can of course still contact the children’s phone: call free and anonymously on 0800-0432 or come and chat. Every day from 11.00 to 21.00. Or talk to others on the forum. More information about signs and suspicions of domestic violence or child abuse can be found via the website www.bijeenheusden.nl/gelukkigleven

Editor: Dimph Vos, photo + artwork: Rieky Dingemans

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