Tamadoge Price Rises, 235% After Ultra-Rare NFT – Best New NFT Drop?

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The Tamadoge price has risen 235% in the past week, achieving a return of more than 580% for early investors in the presale. That makes it extra special when you consider that the general market is in a slump and crypto prices are down 18% since August. Since the beginning of 2022, the market has fallen by 56.5%.

The TAMA price is at €0.068395 and the token has fallen 37% in the last 24 hours, compared to the all-time high, it is down 64%. The decline is not unexpected as early investors choose to cash out profits. The altcoin is still in presale momentum and has also launched a collection of ultra-rare NFTs, so there is a good chance that the price will rise again soon.

Tamadoge price increases by 235% after launch of ultra-rare NFTs

At the start of the Tamadoge presale, it was possible to participate for €0.01 per The TAMA token. Many also did just this, stepping in during the presale, and in just over a month, the token managed to raise €19 million. This was before the token was launched on a major central exchange. Currently you can buy TAMA at OKX and also decentralized at OKX DEX.

TAMA’s first launch was on OKX on September 27th, where it quickly passed the pre-sale price and quickly reached an all-time high of €0.194446 on October 4th. This means that the first investors have been able to achieve a return of 1.844%.

Tamadoge course

Even after such a bullish run in TAMA, it is still well above the pre-sale price regardless of the decline in recent days. Now that the price is a bit lower, it gives investors who missed the presale crypto and are only now familiar with the project a chance to get in at a low price.

In addition to the token offered at OKX, it has seen even more exciting developments. For example, the token can now also be traded at MEXC Global and LBANK since last week. From today, TAMA will also be tradable on the Coinsbit exchange.

All these developments give positive impulses to the market so that there are more people who can invest in the token and more liquidity will arise. Additionally, 100 ultra rare NFTs were launched yesterday.

The NFTs are traded on OpenSea and these non-fungible tokens represent Tamadoge pets, which are similar to Shibu Inu dogs. These pets can be cared for, trained and competed with other Tamadoges in the future.

The launch of the NFTs represents an important step for Tamadoge as it shows that it is developing the underlying product. In this case, a game to earn metaverse game where you can take care of Tamadoge pets. In the future, various arcade games will also be added.

These kinds of developments are therefore important to the foundation of TAMA and will ensure that the token remains relevant in the long term.

The future of exchanges

When looking to the future, it is important to keep in mind that Tamadoge recently applied to be sold on Binance.

Binance is still looking at the application, but a positive sign is that Binance already has a buying guide on its websites. This indicates that Binance has already been involved in TAMA. It is to be expected that when TAMA gets a launch on Binance, there will be an increase and a new all time high may be on the way.

All these promising developments make investors hopeful, the community is growing and this can be seen in the number according to Twitter. Tamadoge has gained 76,000 followers since July.

The development shows that Tamadoge has made a name for itself in the crypto world in a short time and is one of the best altcoins at the moment.



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