This coin breaks through during the bear market and rises by 7,000%

All crypto prices are struggling at the moment, be it known crypto coins or new unknown coins. This bear market looks set to continue for a while and continue into this winter. As a result, investors are looking for other opportunities and certain coins are seizing their moment.

One of the coins that broke through during the bear market is RBIS, the token associated with the ArbiSmart platform. On this platform you will find a wallet and various financial services, analysts predict an increase of up to 7,000% before the end of 2022.

Resistant to volatility

One of the most popular uses of ArbiSmart’s European-licensed platform, especially in times of high volatility, is the automatic crypto arbitrage system, which gives you the best protection against falling prices.

Crypto arbitrage gives you a more stable income by looking for price differences in a particular currency between two exchanges. These price differences occur due to differences in trading volume and occur during both rising and falling markets. The platform works with almost 40 exchanges and scans these exchanges day and night for price differences. The system buys a coin at the lowest possible price and immediately trades it at the highest possible price.

Another bear-proof service from ArbiSmart is the recently launched interest-generating wallet, which always provides some interest on your capital, regardless of how the market is doing. In that wallet, you can unlock money or crypto for periods of 1 month to 5 years, where you cannot withdraw your money from the wallet, but you receive interest on your money every day. You can immediately put this interest back in the wallet so that you will get more interest next time.

ARbiSmart savings schemes offer interest not offered by competitors, up to 147% per annum. Exactly how much interest you receive depends on the account level. This level is determined by the number of RBIS tokens you have. The more of these tokens you own, the higher the interest will be. The wallet supports 25 different currencies, from real currencies like Euro and Dollar to cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or ApeCoin.

If you have the balance entirely in RBIS, the interest you can earn is three times higher than with any other currency. You can also choose to have your interest paid in RBIS tokens, even then your interest will increase.

Services to come

The ArbiSmart team of developers will be busy again in the coming months.

Besides a mobile application for buying, selling, trading and storing cryptocurrency, ArbiSmart is also developing a DeFi protocol with yield farming services and some brand new gamification features.

arbismart finale

The NFT Marketplace will also be released at the end of this year, allowing you to buy and sell non-fungible tokens on the platform. In addition, ArbiSmart’s own collection of NFTs is added.

Almost simultaneously, ArbiSmart is launching its own cryptocurrency exchange and gaming metaverse that pays out real-world rewards for buying, selling and developing a piece of virtual property.

All applications on the ArbiSmart platform are connected to each other, so it is extra advantageous for you to use several applications. For example, you will receive higher interest if you also own an ArbiSmart NFT.

Tokenomics from RIBS

With the current development, a lot can happen with the ArbiSmart token, but to really see what the possibilities are, we must first take a good look at the tokenomics of the project.

For example, it is important to understand that the RBIS token is used for all ArbiSmart applications, which are already there and will come. For example, before the crypto arbitrage algorithm can get started for you, the deposited crypto coins are first exchanged to RBIS. The token is also used to purchase goods for the metaverse and to participate in decentralized financial services such as dividend breeding. In addition, you must also use RBIS to participate in the savings plans.

save with arbismart

As a result, the demand for the RBIS token will increase with each new application that is released. Meanwhile, the new wallet is already getting quite a few users and there is a growing amount of RBIS tokens locked into savings plans. As a result, there are fewer tokens in circulation and the supply will also decrease. No more tokens will be created due to the permanent maximum amount of 450 million tokens.

As long as demand increases and supply shrinks, the price of the RBIS token can explode and bring huge profits to owners of RBIS tokens.

To also make money in a bear market, you can now buy RBIS Tokens!

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