3 ways to make money in crypto during a bear market

Whether crypto is coming back to old rates or heading into a new winter, it is always possible to make money with your cryptocurrency.

Below you will find some methods by which you can get a high profit without having to exert yourself. So you don’t just have to watch while the value of your portfolio falls in a falling market.

1. Make use of ‘automated arbitration’

One of the easiest ways to generate a profit with your cryptocurrency is by using an automatic trading system and the safest strategy is crypto arbitrage, with this system you can make money even when the market is in a downward trend.

One of the most reliable systems on the market is provided by ArbiSmart, an EU authorized financial service powered by the RBIS token.

ArbiSmart’s automatic crypto arbitrage system offers consistent gains of around 45% per year, taking this gain from temporary price differences. There are times when the same coin is offered on different exchanges at different prices. This is often due to a large difference in trading volume, and they occur just as often in a rising market as they do in a falling market. This makes crypto arbitrage an excellent strategy to protect yourself against price drops.

The investor just has to deposit money or crypto and then the system takes over. The deposited money is exchanged for the RBIS token and used for crypto arbitrage. The system monitors around 35 different exchanges 24 hours a day and looks for the best price differences. It then automatically buys the cryptocurrency at the lowest available price and then sells it to the exchange with the highest price immediately thereafter.

2. Open a savings plan

Another way to make money with your crypto without doing much yourself and without needing knowledge of the market is a wallet that pays interest on the stored crypto coins.

Here too, we can use the ArbiSmart project as an example, as it recently launched its own wallet with interest payments. This wallet offers interest of up to 147% per annum without relying on cryptocurrencies.

Launched in July, the wallet supports 25 currencies and cryptocurrencies. It offers a variety of short-term savings schemes where you lock in coins for periods of 1 to 3 months, but there are also longer terms such as 2, 3 or even 5 years. The longer you leave the coins fixed, the higher interest you can receive. The interest is paid daily in a separate balance that you can always access, so you can, for example, immediately put the coins back in the wallet to get even more interest the next day.

The main factor that determines how much interest you receive is the level of your account. This is determined by how many RBIS tokens you have. It doesn’t matter if your balance is in BTC, Euro or other currency, the interest is still paid in RBIS tokens.

If you put RBIS tokens in the wallet itself, the interest will be 3 times higher than with other coins. Even if you have other coins stored in the wallet, it is most beneficial to receive the interest in RBIS tokens.

3. Buy a coin that analysts expect to explode

It’s been a rough year for cryptocurrency, but there are some positives to note this year. For example, a number of crypto projects have risen in price while the rest of the market has fallen.

How can certain coins do well?

We have already seen that the ArbiSmart project can generate profits for investors during a bear market. Now that the new wallet is drawing more and more attention to the project, more and more users are joining as well, creating more demand for the RBIS token. In addition, the token is also increasingly secured in wallets, reducing the supply of tokens.

Over the coming months, ArbiSmart will come up with a number of new applications that will all require the RBIS token and will likely push the price up further. These are applications such as a mobile application, an NFT marketplace, a collection of ArbiSmart NFTs, a professional crypto exchange, a play-to-earn gaming metaverse, and a decentralized yield farming service with unique gamification capabilities. In the latter application, investors who provide liquidity to the platform can earn interest of up to 190,000% per year and 0.3% for each trade made.

All these options in RBIS are connected, and per application you use, you get better conditions for using the platform. For example, buying an NFT on the marketplace results in higher yields in yield farming and better in-game items in the metaverse.

Now that the ArbiSmart wallet and financial services seem to continue to grow, more RBIS applications are being developed and a large portion of tokens are locked, the price is set to rise. So it’s no surprise that analysts have predicted that ArbiSmart’s RBIS token could be worth up to 70x by the first quarter of 2023.

To earn yourself high rewards on your Bitcoin or other coins, even during a bear market, open your interest-generating wallet today!

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