Lids of plastic Coca-Cola bottles are now stuck

seemingly simple, yet a complex process to attach the cap to the plastic bottle according to Coca-Cola

Introduction – Coca-Cola in the Netherlands introduces caps that stick to all plastic bottles. The soft drink producer is thus at the forefront of legislation and regulations from Europe to make this mandatory by mid-2024 in the fight against waste.

The new plastic bottles with attached lids will be on the market from the beginning of October and will be introduced across Coca-Cola’s portfolio in the Netherlands, including the Coca-Cola, Fanta, Fuze Tea and Sprite brands. With the transition to attached caps, Coca-Cola in the Netherlands is taking the next step in the further sustainability of its packaging and the introduction of this part of the European Single-Use Plastics Directive (SUP).

The attached cap makes collection easier and prevents loose caps from being left as waste. Coca-Cola is the first soft drink producer in the Netherlands to announce the switch to its portfolio. The design of the new hood consists of a safety ring to which the reclosable hood is attached with a simple tab.

Consumers are informed by a message on the cap that reads “Leave the cap on the bottle for recycling”. Consumers will also be informed via in-store and online campaigns with the message: “Leave the cap on the bottle. Karlijn in ‘t Veld, Country Director of Coca-Cola in the Netherlands: “Although it may seem like a small change, the attached cap is a innovative design. The production is a complex process, but which we hope will be a great.” effect, so that no caps are left behind when consumers return our bottles.”

Source: Coca-Cola/@FoodClicks

Author: Steffen van Beek

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