Metyis develops non-fungible tokens (NFT) for non-profit

Swiss charity Pro Senectute both Basel has reached a milestone in the non-profit market. As the first charity, it has launched its own non fundabe tokens (NFT) fundraiser. The consulting firm Metyis took care of design and technical development.

Since 1993, the elderly care institution Pro Senectute Beider Basel has focused on helping the elderly in the Basel region to improve their quality of life.

With the launch of its own NFT collection, both Pro Senectute Basel can call itself a pioneer in the non-profit market, as the company is the first charitable institution to step into one of the most hyped technological developments of the moment: the metaverse. Next Monday at 10:00 AM his NFT collection ‘Swiss Crypto Marvels’ will go live. The proceeds from the NFT portfolio will benefit charities.

Swiss Crypto Marvels consists of a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – these are virtual assets in the blockchain that can be collected, exchanged and traded. An NFT (also called tokenized art) represents a digital certificate of ownership of an item and is a unique, uncopyable original on the blockchain.

With the upcoming collection of Swiss Crypto Marvels, 4,444 NFTs will be released for four images (NFT Lauterbrunnen, NFT Old Town Chur, NFT Alp Palfries and NFT Churfirsten). Buyers do not know in advance which picture they are buying (for example, the NFT Churfirsten is the rarest NFT, with only 44 copies released).

Looking to buy a Swiss Crypto Marvel?
The sale starts here on 10 October at 10:00 (UTC +1 time zone).

With the profit from the sale, Pro Senectute from both Basel will finance a project that aims to promote digital literacy among the elderly in the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Baselland. Each NFT is on sale for CHF66 – If the charity manages to sell all NFTs, they will raise €300,000 for charity.

Bringing the NFTs to life

To realize its metaverse venture, the Swiss charity enlisted the help of “several Swiss influencers” as well as support from Metyis, a global management and digital consulting firm. Metyis was responsible for the creative design and technical implementation.

Dominic Olonetzky, partner at Metyis in the Zurich office, further explains the agency’s role: “Together with Pro Senectute Both Basel, we selected four images to make NFTs from. Based on these images, we came up with the idea of ​​merging the image with a dream-like object that references our digital future. The end result is a mix of the original photo with futuristic objects.”

NFT Alp Palfries and NFT Lauterbrunnen

Climate neutral NFT

An important requirement for Metyis to include in the development – ​​at the request of both Pro Senectute Basel – was to ensure a climate-neutral NFT. Not an easy task for Metyis, as cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications are known for their (significant) energy consumption.

For that reason, Metyis decided to run the project on the Polygon blockchain. “It is considered one of the most environmentally friendly blockchains because it is based on the proof of stake principle,” explains Aaron Selig, an Associate at Metyis. “Using the Polygon blockchain, we were able to reduce CO2 emissions by around 90%. [of meer] compared to other well-known blockchains.”

To meet the customer’s completely climate-neutral wish, Metyis Pro Senectute advised both Basel to compensate for the remaining emissions, in cooperation with the Swiss climate protection organization myclimate.

Next step?

For both Pro Senectute both Basel and the elderly in the Basel region who want to master digital skills, Monday morning, October 10, means a moment of the highest. Interest in NFT is reportedly already high in the run-up to go-live, and the non-profit organization looks forward to the launch with confidence.

According to Olonetzky, Metyis is very proud that Pro Senectute can make an impact with both Basel with their support. He notes, “This initiative provides proof that even local nonprofits can make a real impact through blockchain technologies, especially in the metaverse.”

“The metaverse is also referred to as the ‘new world wide web’. And if it actually reaches its potential, then the metaverse will unleash an unprecedented digital revolution,” adds Olonetsky. “We are proud to be at the forefront when it comes to developments in this industry.”

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