Analysts predict a 7,000% increase for this cryptocurrency

As the crypto bear market continues, new applications built on blockchain technology are continuously being released. A number of projects manage to beat the market and increase in price with applications that provide a fixed profit and have products that can withstand the bear market.

One project that is catching on is ArbiSmart, a project that includes an interest-generating wallet and several other financial services. The ArbiSmart platform, authorized and registered by the EU, grows rapidly and generates stable, passive profits, whether the market rises or falls in value. As a result, analysts expect the project to increase by 7,000% by the end of 2022.

How ArbiSmart is now generating profits

ArbiSmart offers a wallet that can generate interest with built-in arbitrage trading that can make money on cryptocurrency during both a bull market and a bear market.

The wallet offers sky-high interest rates of up to 147% per annum on 25 cryptocurrencies and regular currencies. You can safely store these currencies in the ArbiSmart wallet and choose whether you want to lock them for a certain period and receive interest, or whether you want no interest, but the freedom to always withdraw your money from the wallet. If you lock the coins, you can choose for a short period of 1 to 3 months, but also for longer periods of 2, 3 or even 5 years. The longer you hold the coins, the higher the interest you get on the contents of your wallet. You choose what you do with the interest that is paid out daily, for example you can withdraw this from your account, but also deposit it back into the wallet to get even more interest in the future.

In addition, within the wallet you can choose the benefits of automatic crypto arbitrage, a system that can give you a passive profit of 45% per year. In crypto arbitrage, an algorithm will look for any price differences between exchanges for you. Sometimes a coin is offered cheaper on one exchange by another, for example due to a liquidity difference, so you can make money by buying the coin at the cheapest price, and then immediately transfer it to an exchange where the price is higher to sell .

How the demand for RBIS Token increases

As an ArbiSmart wallet owner, you can earn even more by using the RBIS token. Due to this system, the demand for token is increasing.

For example, the amount of interest you can earn on the wallet is determined by the level of your account, which in turn is determined by the number of RBI tokens you have. The more RBIS you have, the higher interest you get on, for example, your euros or Bitcoin.

Keeping RBIS tokens in the wallet is also encouraged because you receive three times higher interest on this. If you are not interested in the token or in a higher interest rate, it is simply possible to leave your balance in Bitcoin, euros or one of the other accepted currencies. You can then still choose to receive the interest in RBIS, so you still get a higher interest rate.

The ArbiSmart wallet was first launched at the beginning of this quarter, but is rapidly growing in terms of users. The momentum that ArbiSmart now has means that there is an increasing demand for RBIS tokens as investors stash these coins in their wallets. By locking them up for a certain period of time, the coins are virtually taken out of circulation. With a maximum number of tokens of 450 million, the supply decreases and the RBIS price increases.

How extensions change the RBIS rate

The demand for tokens will increase further due to the many new applications that ArbiSmart will release. All these applications will use the RBIS token for the transactions. As a result, an even larger share of the stock is taken while the demand increases, which ultimately causes price increases and you can make a large profit on the tokens.

Later this quarter, ArbiSmart will release a mobile application for buying, selling, exchanging and storing cryptocurrency. Immediately after that, the developer team will come up with a decentralized yield farming program. This platform has unique gamification features and offers you interest of up to 190,000% per year and 0.3% of the cost of each trade. After this, the project will also have its own NFT marketplace and its own NFT collection. ArbiSmart has planned a play-to-earn gaming metaverse by the end of 2022 and its own professional cryptocurrency exchange.

All ArbiSmart services are connected to each other, so for example by buying an ArbiSmart NFT you get a higher interest rate with dividend breeding.

ArbiSmart already offers a number of lucrative applications that can withstand the bear market. There are also a number of additional services that can earn you money, such as gaming, yield farming and NFT investing. Each new service offers its own rewards, meanwhile the demand for the RBIS token will increase, the supply will decrease and thus the price will increase.

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