IMPT Token sale is the biggest presale at the moment

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The Impact Project (IMPT) pre-sale has raised 3 million euros in capital within a week. The counter stands at €3.2 million at the time of writing, putting the decentralized carbon credit and green shopping platform on track to reach the hard cap of €10.8 million on November 25.

At this point, it is very likely that the pre-sales will reach their goal well before this date. The coin is still available via the Impact Project website for €0.018. This will soon increase to $0.023 when the presale reaches phase two. In the final phase of the pre-sale, the price will rise to €0.028. This means that anyone interested in the presale needs to act quickly if they want to buy the token at a discount.

IMPT Token is the biggest presale at the moment

From October 3, pre-sales of the Impact Project went very quickly. Project achieved €150,000 in 24 hours, €550,000 within 48 hours, €1 million within 72 hours also 2 million euros within five days. Currently €3.25 million sold with €3.5 million already in sight.

Cryptocurrency traders are always looking for ‘the next big project’, but it’s not just IMPT’s novelty that has drawn participants to the presale. IMPT is one of the best new cryptocurrencies. In a market characterized by hype, IMPT has set a very serious roadmap and foundation for itself.

On the Ethereum blockchain, the platform will enable consumers to shop within a network of thousands of retail brands. All of these brands will distribute a percentage of their sales across environmentally friendly initiatives. This means that users can improve the environment while meeting their normal daily expenses.

In addition, the Impact Project will also reward users (for shopping at affiliated merchants) by giving them carbon credits. These credits can be destroyed and you get an NFT in return. As a result, these credits can be easily bought and sold through the Impact Projects marketplace. Users can also “retire” their credits here. This means that they are withdrawn from circulation and credit the owner for the CO2 they have saved.

By providing users with tokenized carbon credits with market value, the Impact Project aims to motivate consumers to green their behavior. At the same time, it will also motivate retailers and companies to go green and sign up to the platform so they can get in touch with consumers who are aware of their environment.

By releasing carbon credits on the Ethereum blockchain as NFTs, the Impact Project will help make the carbon offset market more transparent. Lack of transparency has been a problem in this market in recent years. In the long run, the Impact Project would like to improve this.

For these reasons, the Impact Project is likely to attract ESG investors. The ESG market has grown significantly in recent years. As the Impact Project has the status of one of the first blockchain-based markets for carbon resources, this will put IMPT in a very good position for the future.

IMPT Token Price – 50x Increase?

Other large pre-sales can predict how IMPT will perform when the token becomes available on exchanges.

The most illustrative example, Tamadoge (TAMA) raised $19 million in pre-sales in September. Since the token came on OKX, the token has increased by more than 1800% from the initial presale price. Read more about buying Tamadoge here.

In addition, Battle Infinity (IBAT) was sold for €0.0015 during the presale. After the token became available on a number of exchanges in August, the price has risen to €0.00554060. This is a 269% increase for the early pre-sale investors.

With fundamentals perhaps stronger than the coins mentioned above, Impact Project has a good chance of bringing in similar returns when the presale ends and the token lands on exchanges. In addition, the project also has a great opportunity to make a positive contribution to the world, which is not possible for all cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

Visit the IMPT presale website now.

Please note: Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile and unregulated investment.

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