Polestar 3 unveiled, the brand’s first SUV

To date, the SUV has been a big loss in Polestar’s range. The Polestar 3 has changed that. The all-electric SUV has been launched with a bang. The design immediately reminds us of the brand, but the new model seems to take it a little more extreme. The lines are sharper and more angular. Nevertheless, the new Polestar 3 looks very mature.

Design Polestar 3 more extreme

Polestar 3 is the name of the manufacturer’s very first SUV. It is a very sporty SUV with performance to match the aggressive design. With a swept-back roofline, dramatic fastback rear and wide stance, the Polestar 3 is easily one of the most extreme-looking vehicles ever to wear a Polestar badge.

The front end retains the now familiar origami-inspired LED daytime running lights, but the overall design takes quite a distance from other Polestar models. It looks more muscular and rounded and embodies “a new aerodynamic profile”, which also has a wing integrated into the front of the bonnet, as well as a roof-mounted rear spoiler.

The front aerodynamic element draws air in through an intake that runs the width of the grille and discharges it over the hood and then over the vehicle, where air meets the rear spoiler. Overall, it’s a pretty tasteful take on the coupe-style SUV, and pole star says it has performance to match its aggressive looks.


The basic variant with two-motor four-wheel drive has 489 hp, which allows it to accelerate to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds. Polestar will also offer a €6,600 Performance Pack that will increase the combined output of the two engines to 517 horsepower. The time needed to sprint to 100 km/h can be reduced to 4.6 seconds. Both versions have a limited top speed of 209 km/h.

Both will also have the same updated 111 kWh battery pack. The cells have a nickel-manganese-cobalt chemistry and the peak voltage is 400 volts. For the twin-engine model, the estimated range is approximately 610 kilometers, and for the Performance it will drop to approximately 560 kilometers.

That pole star 3 comes with an 11 kW built-in charger, which will take the car from completely empty to full in 11 hours. Using a DC fast charger, it can quickly charge up to 250 kW, taking just 30 minutes to charge from 10 to 80 percent.


The vehicle promises to deliver on the technical side with internal interfaces powered by a next-generation Snapdragon graphics chip from Qualcomm Technologies, known for its performance on mobile devices. Infotainment is indeed built around the Android Automotive OS and is displayed on a 14.5-inch central screen, which, according to the manufacturer, offers an improved experience.

When we take a look inside the car, you can clearly see the influences from the outside. Simplicity is paramount and we don’t find the crazy bells and whistles in this new Polestar 3. The SUV can also be called very simple in steering.

Safety comes first

As a family of Volvo Polestar wants to emphasize how many safety features it has equipped its Polestar 3 with. There are five external radar modules and five cameras, as well as twelve ultrasonic sensors, and these are complemented by two more cameras for the interior, as well as an internal radar designed to prevent problems inside the car.

In addition, the climate control ensures that you do not become hypothermic or get sunstroke. It’s a difficult way to say that the Polestar 3 has automatic climate control.


It also marks a first for the manufacturer – it will be the first model to be produced in two different locations on two continents. The Polestar 3 will not only roll out of the Polestar factory in Chengdu, China, but also from mid-2024 The Volvo factory in Ridgeville, South Carolina.

The American plant will not only supply vehicles for the local market. The vehicles built there will also be exported elsewhere, although Polestar has yet to reveal the details. Production will only start in Chengdu around mid-2023, and the first deliveries are expected to begin in the last quarter of next year.

In the first year, the Polestar 3 comes as standard with the Pilot Pack and Plus Pack (additional equipment later). Then it costs €89,900. Polestar 3 can already be reserved and collected via the website.

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