Shopify expands ERP program and allows European players

Amsterdam, October 13, 2022 – Shopify is expanding its ERP program and partnering with local ERP solutions in Europe, including Itsperfect in the Netherlands and parties in Germany and Spain.

Shopify has previously introduced a global ERP program. Next is this ERP program that allows European Enterprise Resource Planning local partners to join and build direct integrations with Shopify.

Local needs, local ERP program
“Dutch merchants, like German, Spanish or other European entrepreneurs, have different requirements for trade than in other parts of the world. To enable merchants to best assist their customers, we are launching this local ERP program. For example, we support merchants with the complexities associated with running their business with regional partners who know the nuances of the market well. Commerce goes beyond a transaction: you want to get to know the consumer as well as possible and work on a relationship. Local solutions tailored to the market are the future of retail and help to work more consumer-oriented – and Shopify is already building that future,” said Mel van Lieshout, Country Manager Netherlands at Shopify.

Shopify Apps
With the local ERP program, merchants get access to a number of certified public apps that integrate directly with Shopify. ERP partners interested in joining the Shopify ERP program can easily build a Shopify app that meets Shopify’s app development requirements and connect their ERP to Shopify – giving merchants confidence that their apps are up to a high standard of performance and user experience.

87 percent* of Shopify sellers say they rely on apps to run their business. The Shopify App Store is where sellers go to find the apps their business needs to get started and perform at scale. It offers a range of localized back office apps so dealers can actually help optimize their business and save time through workflow efficiency and automation.

A number of advantages for traders with a local ERP integration are:

Seamless integration between ERP and webshop, leading to data-informed decision making. Apps within the local ERP program connect the business’s webshop directly to the ERP system. By integrating the ERP system with the B2C environment, retailers receive accurate, up-to-date data on their inventory, products, orders and customer information. This is critical to making critical business decisions and ensuring a positive omnichannel experience for their customers.
Single point of truth for data. By installing apps supported by the local ERP program, merchants ensure that proprietary data flows seamlessly and securely directly between their Shopify administration and their ERP, without connecting to a third party, ensuring that all data is always correct and updated date.
Opportunity to save time and money. By integrating directly with ERP partners, retailers can bypass the time-consuming and expensive process of managing custom implementations. With fewer applications needed to run their business, merchants can automate more, making their day-to-day operations more efficient.
Out-of-the-box connection to fashion brands
“Itsperfect helps fashion brands take control of all processes in their business – whether it’s design, production, order entry, logistics, finance or sales. We have now connected more than a hundred customers with Shopify as their commerce platform. This brings us together in our mission to reduce complexity for our customers so they don’t have to worry about their back office and can focus on their business. Participating in Shopify’s local ERP program was therefore an easy decision: With the new link, fashion brands can seamlessly integrate their online store with our user-friendly solutions and use the future of commerce,” says Stefan Methorst, CEO at Itsperfect.

The local ERP program is available today and retailers can connect their ERP solutions to Itsperfect in the Netherlands, Actindo, Afterbuy, JTL, Pickware, Plentymarkets and Xentral in Germany and EV4 and Holded in Spain. More partners in Europe will follow.

More information about the global ERP program including partners such as: NetSuite, Infor, Acumatica, Brightpearl Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can be found here.

*Internal Shopify data

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