Garmin launches MARQ Gen 2

For as long as there have been portable GPS devices, wearables and fitness trackers, Garmin has been a leader in the field, making professional devices for the aerospace and marine industries. Now Garmin brings its second generation of advanced luxury smartwatches: Garmin MARQ Gen 2,

Or what the company describes as “tool watches”. The series includes five models for specific target groups, but they also share many advanced features across the collection. The watches include MARQ Athlete, MARQ Adventurer, MARQ Golfer, MARQ Captain and MARQ Aviator.

As with the previous MARQ editions released during the company’s 30th anniversary, the differences are almost entirely based on hardware and the watch’s exterior design. Like the watch case material, buttons and charging that is faster than with any other Garmin watch.

Each 46mm case is now made from Grade 5 titanium and has a design and band type that matches the discipline of its namesake, with other major improvements over the first generation: the AMOLED touch screen and improved battery life.

Garmin states that users should now be able to go about 16 days in smartwatch mode, which is more than the 12 days of the first generation. Interestingly, a new magnetic charger also cuts the charging time in half to just one hour.


This time, however, a unique new software feature is also being launched on the Garmin MARQ series: a jet lag advisor. A notable new addition to the series of particular interest to frequent travelers, which uses the wearer’s sleep history and other statistics to recommend and track the ideal amount of light exposure and exercise, suggests a sleep plan to minimize the effects of jet lag and help users be at their best mentally and physically.

The function suggests what to do. Even with push notifications to your wrist with tips and reminders about things like caffeine intake, diet and more. The app works for trips with one or more destinations.

All models also include Garmin’s 24/7 health and wellness features, including wrist-based heart rate, breathing and stress tracking, advanced sleep insights and BodyBattery energy monitoring. They also have basic smartwatch features like music storage, notifications and contactless payment.


The MARQ also selects which satellite mode suits you best at that time. To get the most out of the battery with high positioning accuracy. Garmin calls it Garmin SatIQ.

This is essentially a battery optimization feature that allows the MARQ Gen 2 to automatically understand which GPS to use to track your location. In the most efficient and economical way. There are five variants in total, with the Adventurer likely to suit most. Below you can read the details per model. The MARQ Gen 2 starts at $1,950 and goes up to $2,550.

MARQ athlete

A titanium case, brushed DLC coated bezel and a lightweight rubber strap. Very suitable for athletes. With advanced tools such as Training Readiness, which indicates whether it is a day when you go all out or not. PacePro gives you the right strategy for running and, as usual, the athlete comes loaded with apps for all kinds of sports.

MARQ Adventurers

A sporty leather and rubber hybrid strap is combined with a compass bezel. With preloaded TopoActive maps, you have easy wrist access to maps, including elevation profiles and more. NextFork also provides the distance to the next fork and the name of the upcoming path.

MARQ golfer

The golf theme is emphasized by the green ceramic inlay on the ring and the green jacquard woven nylon strap. Stocked with over 42,000 golf courses, MARQ automatically detects which course is being played to provide accurate distances to the front, center and back of the green. Plus the slope direction with green contours (Garmin Golf app membership required). It includes Garmin’s most advanced set of wave features, including Virtual Caddy, Hazard View and Wind Data.

MARQ Captain

Detailed with nautical elements such as a blue ceramic bezel and blue jacquard nylon strap. The built-in Regatta Timer helps racers pass the starting point of the race at just the right time. Alarms and alerts about impending tide changes are possible with numerous special profiles for kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing and paddleboarding, among others.

MARQ Aviator

A brushed titanium strap and ceramic 24-hour bezel make this the aviator model. You can use it to navigate to a location or waypoint in the global aviation database or select the Nearest feature to, for example, activate a route to a nearby airport. Aviation Alerts allows pilots to set a minimum crosswind and flight mode they are comfortable with and be notified when it is a good time to fly.

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