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ERRORSKaley Cuoco (36) and Johnny Galecki (47) were not alone in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ lovers, but also in real life the two had a relationship. In an interview with ‘Vanity Fair’, the actors talk candidly about their time together. “I was so nervous before our first kiss,” Cuoco said.

“I was in love with Johnny from the start,” Cuoco admits. “At the time we were both in a relationship, but I was only interested in him. When I realized it was mutual, I thought, ‘Uh-oh, this is going to cause trouble.'” But Galecki was initially unaware of Cuoco’s feelings. “I have a healthy ego, but when you flirt with me, you have to make it absolutely clear. Otherwise I don’t get it,” he says. “And that was the case with Kaley. I had no idea she had a crush on me until we started dating.”

The attraction between their characters Penny and Leonard was undeniable even before the two were linked in real life. “When filming the scenes, it quickly became clear that there was chemistry between us. We were in love with each other in the first season, and that was before we were even in a relationship.” Galecki and Cuoco were very nervous about their first kiss, both on screen and off. “I was very nervous about both. I mean, I kissed him as Penny before we dated. It’s weird when you’re in love with someone and you have to kiss that person as an actor,” Cuoco said.

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It was only in the fourteenth episode of the first season that the actors finally dared to admit their feelings for each other. During the scene where Leonard saves Penny in an elevator, sparks flew. “It all started with that. At that point, we both knew we had feelings for each other. We couldn’t ignore it anymore. It would be an even bigger distraction from our work,” says Galecki. After the scene, he asked her out and their first date was an instant hit. “We had a glass of wine in a café. And then we kissed,” Cuoco recalls: “The next day I wanted to tell everyone about ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ But Johnny said, ‘We can’t tell anyone!’ So we kept our relationship quiet.”

Or so they thought, because it wasn’t long before the two were caught. “One day we got caught by ‘The Big Bang Theory’ creator Chuck Lorre. After filming, Kaley and I were in the parking lot. When we saw Chuck, we immediately hid behind a car. But Chuck saw us through. Luckily, he made it well and didn’t pass it on. We just didn’t want anyone to worry about us.” The couple kept it professional on set. “We never even had sex in our cabins,” laughs Cuoco.

Their romance lasted for two years, from 2008 to 2010. But the breakup didn’t stop them from maintaining a good working relationship. The actors are very happy with how their real-life dynamic positively influenced their on-screen appeal. “I think Leonard and Penny worked so well because of my relationship with Johnny in real life,” Cuoco explains. “They always had a laugh with each other. Johnny and I have a similar relationship — which makes sense after years of working together. We’ve always supported each other, and that’s what made Leonard and Penny’s relationship so fun and endearing.”

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