37 drones shot down • The death toll in Kiev rises to three

Kyiv mayor: pregnant woman one of the victims

According to Mayor Klitschko, a six-month pregnant woman was killed in the drone attacks on Kiev. “Russia is a terrorist country,” he said on Twitter.

In addition to the 34-year-old mother and the unborn child, her partner was also killed. No information has been released about the third death. Rescuers are still searching for survivors under the rubble in the capital.

Three deaths have also been reported in the Sumy region. According to the governor, they were hit in a Russian missile attack. The region is experiencing large-scale power outages as a result of airstrikes over the past 12 hours.

Death toll in Kiev drone attack rises to three

A Russian drone attack on an apartment in Kiev today killed three civilians, an adviser to President Zelensky said. The mayor of the capital had previously mentioned a victim.

Rescuers are still searching for survivors under the rubble. As far as is known, 19 people have been rescued from the partially collapsed building. Three people have been taken to hospital.

According to the Minister of the Interior, there are also fatal accidents in other cities.


Rescuers search under the rubble in Kiev

Russia: major airstrikes on army targets and infrastructure

The Kremlin confirms that a major air strike against Ukraine has been carried out today. Russia claims it is precision bombing of military targets and infrastructure across the country. According to the Ministry of Defence, all intended targets have been hit.

Ukraine reports power outages in three different regions as a result of the airstrikes. An unknown number of civilians were also killed by Russian shelling. Pictures and videos show that residential areas have been hit by, for example, exploding kamikaze drones.

Hundreds of villages without power due to attacks on energy infrastructure

Russia has again attacked critical energy infrastructure, says the Ukrainian Prime Minister. Hundreds of cities are now without power as a result of the airstrikes.

In the eastern city of Dnipro, among other things, a power plant is said to have been hit by a rocket attack. Power outages are also reported in the regions around the capital Kiev and Sumy as a result of shelling or drone strikes.

The major air strikes a week ago also led to major power outages then.

Ukraine: 37 drones shot down, several dead

At least one Ukrainian woman has been killed in the Russian drone attacks on Kiev, according to the mayor of the capital. Rescuers are still searching for another person buried under the rubble. Three injured people have been taken to hospital.

According to the Minister of the Interior, there are also fatal accidents in other cities. Ukraine has reportedly shot down 37 attack drones since last night. According to the air force, 85 percent of the launched drones have been intercepted.

Drone and missile attacks also reported in Odessa

Six kamikaze drones were shot down in the southern port city of Odessa last night, the governor reports on Telegram. He also talks about a Russian missile attack.

The missile would have hit infrastructure, but details are lacking. No one was hurt, the governor said.

Russian state media are also reporting shelling. Ukrainian forces are said to have hit positions in eastern Donetsk region with artillery. No information on injuries or casualties has been released.

The EU is investigating Iran’s involvement in the war in Ukraine

The European Union is looking for evidence that Iran is involved in the war in Ukraine. This is what EU foreign affairs coordinator Borrell said before a meeting in Luxembourg. Tehran can expect sanctions if the EU finds involvement.

Iran denies Ukraine’s claims of supplying so-called kamikaze drones to Russia. Moscow also contradicts this – despite the fact that several videos and photos of attacks with such drones in Ukraine have been published.

Also this morning, press photographers took pictures of attack drones in Kiev. They appear to be Iran-produced Shahed 136s. In this article, you can read more about what these drones can do and why they are a growing problem for Ukraine.

Two people trapped under rubble, Zelensky condemns drone attacks

Two residents of Kiev have been buried under rubble as a result of a drone strike, Mayor Klitschko reports. Rescuers have rescued eighteen civilians from the partially collapsed apartment.

President Zelensky condemns the Russian attack on a residential area in the capital. “The enemy may attack our cities but will not break our will,” he told Telegram.

Kiev agents try to shoot drones out of the sky

Press photographers took pictures of the drone attack in Kiev this morning. It shows officers attempting to shoot down the flying devices, which contain explosives, with firearms.

They appear to be drones from the Shahed 136. They are Iranian-made drones that Russia is increasingly using for airstrikes. “Imagine a 200-pound motorcycle flying over your house,” one Kiev resident describes these drones, whose engines make a lot of noise. “We hear that they are flying over and that our forces are trying to take them down.”

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    Police shoot drones
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    One of the kamikaze drones
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    The impact of a drone

Ukraine: Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant is running on emergency generators again due to attacks

As a result of Russian shelling, the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant is again running on emergency generators, reports Energoatom. According to the Ukrainian nuclear watchdog, external power cables were cut last night due to damage.

The nuclear power plant currently runs on diesel generators. It has happened more often recently, according to Ukraine, due to artillery fire from Russia. Moscow maintains that Kiev itself is responsible for the damage.

The nuclear power plant was occupied by Russian soldiers at the beginning of the invasion. Ukrainian personnel forcefully manage the facility.

Russian state media: buses allowed again on Crimean bridge

Bus transport on the Crimean Bridge will resume in both directions, according to Russian state media. In the wake of the powerful explosion in early October, buses or trucks were temporarily banned from driving over the damaged bridge.

The state news agency Ria Novosti reports that almost all traffic over the 19 kilometer long bridge has now resumed. But the repair work has not yet been completed. According to the British intelligence services, there is a large traffic jam of trucks.

The sabotage of the Crimean bridge adds to the logistical problems facing the Russian armed forces.

New explosions heard in Kiev: ‘Stay in bomb shelters’

Explosions have been heard again in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. Mayor Klitschko said there were two explosions. “Stay in the bomb shelters,” he says on Telegram.

Also earlier today there were a number of explosions in Kiev. It would be Russian attacks with kamikaze drones.

Reporter Wessel de Jong in Kiev tweeted these images of the remains of such a drone:

Large fire at Dnipro power plant after missile attack reported

A major fire has been reported at a power plant in the region around the eastern city of Dnipro. According to the governor, the fire was caused by a Russian missile attack.

“Three enemy missiles have been brought down by our anti-aircraft fire,” a local official reported, according to the Reuters news agency. A missile would have hit the energy infrastructure.

It is not yet clear what the extent of the damage is. Dnipro is the third largest city in Ukraine in terms of population.

Zelensky: heavy fighting in the Donetsk region

Russian and Ukrainian soldiers are still fighting hard in two towns in Donetsk. It concerns Bachmoet and Soledar, who, according to President Zelensky, have a strategic position. In a nightly video message, Zelensky said Ukraine will not give up the seats without a fight.

Especially north of Bachmoet, fighting is currently “hard”, according to the president. According to a Ukrainian military analyst, Kiev has repulsed the Russian advance on the towns of Torske and Srine over the past 24 hours.

Donetsk is one of four regions that President Putin annexed last month following a controversial ‘referendum’. For months, Russian soldiers have been slowly making their advance through Donetsk.

UNICEF: 4 million children in poverty due to war

The war in Ukraine and the subsequent economic problems have pushed another four million children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia into poverty. This corresponds to an increase of 19 percent since the end of 2021, UNICEF estimates. The organization bases its results on figures from 22 countries.

“Children are the hardest hit by the economic crisis caused by the war in Ukraine,” Unicef ​​concluded. Russian children in particular are victims of the invasion: since the end of last year, another 2.8 million Russian children have lived below the poverty line. The main reason is the economic sanctions imposed on Russia by the West.

In Ukraine, half a million extra children live in poverty because of the war.

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