A look into the future: you can do this during Dutch Design Week 2022

Photo 1. What will the future bring us? Experience it during the Dutch Design Week. Photo: Dutch Design Week © Cleo Goossens

12 October 2022
Science Eindhoven, North Brabant How do you design the future? How do you keep the city livable and what solutions are possible to today’s problems? These questions come up every year during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. From 22 to 30 October 2,600 designers in more than 100 locations ponder these questions. Be amazed by futuristic solutions such as self-driving cars and clothes that are not made, but grow out of the ground.

The city of the future

What will the city of the future look like? During the Dutch Design Week, you will discover great ideas and solution-oriented design in Hall 2 of the Klokgebouw at Klokgebouw 50, including:

  • The fully autonomous city ​​bots from EDAG that can independently carry out small jobs in the city’s parks and streets and cars that pick people up completely autonomously for transport. All thanks to swarm intelligence;
  • A car with a special filter on the roof that cleans the air. The filter removes micro-particles from the air by utilizing the speed and aerodynamics of the vehicle. Including particles caused by the car itself;
  • The solutions and unique designs from three designers who have thrown themselves into self-sufficient city;

Photo 2. From electric transport to green feed: how will we live in the city of the future? Photo: Dutch Design Week © Cabinet of Collaborations – about.today

This is how we will soon live

Housing shortage is currently a major problem in the Netherlands. How do we ensure that everyone can find their own place to live in the future? And can it be done in a sustainable way? Designers have also thrown themselves into it. Sometimes with beautiful results.

  • In Kazerne on Paradijslaan 2-8 late ClipHut see how you can easily click everything together with a sustainable wooden construction system without screws or glue: from furniture and partitions to complete lightweight small houses. Is it no longer necessary? To take it apart and make something different;
  • In hall 2 of the Klokgebouw at Klokgebouw 50, Corkbrick shows the same idea, but with building blocks of cork. You can now transform your existing home into a home that grows with you. From partitions that you can easily move or remove to furniture that you can always adjust. They even have a video game that you can practice online;
  • Go straight to the OTO in Hall 2, because this sensory chair gives you a delicious, firm Hug if you’re into it;
  • Will we all soon be living in tiny houses? At Vij5 on Hallenweg 1 E you can see how live small works well with folding tables and other innovative designs;
  • What will we do with all plastic waste in the future? Well, just, we all make it into useful things for the home. See how at Yksi Expo at Torenallee 22-04 Rethink plastic handle plastic very differently than throwing it in the big pile.

Photo 3. Experience the homes of the future on Ketelplein. Photo: Dutch Design Week © Max Kneefel

Revolutionary fashion

Fashion fanatics will be in for a surprise during Dutch Design Week. Special clothing can be seen everywhere: from futuristic to very sustainable. A few great design examples are:

  • That Phygital Data Dress with LED lighting: scan your fingerprint with the switch and digital animation on the dress becomes your personal virtual self. Exhibited at Fashion Tech Farm, Zeelsterstraat 80;
  • Shopping experience from the future: In hall 4 of Klokgebouw at Klokgebouw 50 you can create your own on demand t-shirt get it done and immediately see how it happens. From 3D body scanning to the final product;
  • Fashion includes fashion accessories such as bags. If you don’t like plastic accessories, you will change your mind at Yksi Expo at Torenallee 22-04. There are beautiful handwoven items from recycled plastic to see;
  • Very special: clothes that are not made, but grow from the grass roots! Zena Holloway won the Green Concept Fashion Award 2022 with it. It produces fascinating clothes. Still art now, soon for sale in the shop? Exhibited at Yksi Expo and at BioArt Laboratories, Oirschotsedijk 14-10.

Photo 4. Is it art or fashion? With some creations, that distinction is sometimes difficult to make. Photo: Dutch Design Week © Max Kneefel

Robots, technology and fun!

Manifestations in VEEM at Torenallee 100 are again this year largest art and technology event during the Dutch Design Week. Here you enter a world that revolves around robots, e-fashion, technology and fun! Fifty artists of the future match people and technology in this exhibition, and it’s sometimes wonderfully utopian, but it can also get completely out of hand. You will encounter a futuristic teenage room, a living room that connects people around the world, cute robots, smiley charms, spills of light and much more. And you discover how much influence technology has on what you do and how you look at the world.

Photo 5. Manifestations in VEEM could handle all kinds of technology. Photo: Dutch Design Week © Tommy Köhlbrugge

Good to know about Dutch Design Week

  • An entry ticket gives you access to eleven locations, including Klokgebouw, Van Abbemuseum, De Kazerne, New Order or Fashion Lab, the DDW exhibition in Evoluon and the Philips Museum. You can enter anywhere else for free;
  • Tickets are best purchased on the Dutch Design Week website, for €23.00 (at the box office for €26.50). This is the price for one day, but your ticket is valid for all nine days! It’s a good thing, because there is so much to see;
  • The Dutch Design Week is free for children up to and including eleven years old;
  • Are you getting lost with so many places to visit? Keep it simple and go to the three biggest: Klokgebouw, Ketelplein and VEEM;
  • For €150.00 you can buy a DDW Pro Ticket (only available online in advance). This includes use of bicycle, ticket to one lecture and 50% discount on all other lectures, access to the Business Lounge and meeting with drinks, bag and pin;
  • Also visit the RetroFuture exhibition in Evoluon, which has finally reopened;
  • No design for a while? You can also do this during a day out in Eindhoven;

Photo 6. What will the future bring us? Experience it during the Dutch Design Week. Photo: Dutch Design Week © Cleo Goossens

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