Live blog | Another explosion in Kiev

International17 Oct ’22 08:51Author: BNR Web Editor

It is day 233 of the war in Ukraine. In this live blog you will find all the latest updates on the ongoing conflict and all its consequences.

Ukraine war becomes proxy war

08:50 | The war between Russia and Ukraine is increasingly becoming a proxy war, a conflict in which countries fight their feuds on the territory of a third country. That’s what defense specialist Peter Wijninga from The Hague Center for Strategic Studies says. As Russia buys more drones and cruise weapons from Iran, Israel has decided to arm Ukraine. Wijninga: ‘Israel sees Iran as the state’s number one enemy. and the other way around. It is becoming more and more proxy-like’.

Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant again without external power

08:45 | The operator of the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) has said it has been cut off from its external power supply again due to Russian shelling.

The claims have not been independently verified. Russian troops have occupied the facility, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, since the war in Ukraine began. The ZNPP is located in one of the occupied regions of Ukraine that Russia has annexed, and Russia has announced its intention to bring the ZNPP under the control of the Russian nuclear authorities.

Another explosion in Kiev

06:30 | Several explosions took place in the center of the Ukrainian capital Kiev on Monday morning. Authorities say Russia carried out an attack using so-called kamikaze drones, unmanned disposable devices that are lost during their deployment. According to a journalist from The Guardian, a total of 9 explosions were heard.

The city’s mayor, Vitali Klitschko, says homes were damaged by the attacks. A fire was also said to have broken out in a building. Journalists initially spoke of two explosions. Later, more explosions were reported by witnesses. Klitschko is urging residents to take cover in air raid shelters and stay there until further notice.

The air raid siren also went off in several other regions of Ukraine. Klitschko says on Telegram that an explosion definitely took place in the capital’s Shevchenko district. That district on the northwest side of the center was also hit by explosions a week ago during Russian airstrikes on Kiev.

A top aide to the Ukrainian president says Russia believes such attacks help Russia’s war effort. “But performances like this are their cramp,” President Zelensky’s chief of staff wrote to Telegram.

UNICEF: Ukraine war throws 4 million more children into poverty

02:55 | Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the resulting economic difficulties, have pushed another four million children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia into poverty. The United Nations agency UNICEF announced on Monday that this represents an increase in the area of ​​19 percent since the end of 2021.

“Children are the hardest hit by the economic crisis caused by the war in Ukraine,” UNICEF said. The organization bases its figures on data from 22 countries. Many Russian children in particular are victims of their country’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia accounts for nearly three-quarters of the total increase in the number of children living in poverty as a result of the war. Since 2021, an additional 2.8 million Russian children have lived below the poverty line. In addition to the relatively large population of Russia, the main reason, according to UNICEF, is mainly the hard blow to the Russian economy due to Western sanctions.

In Ukraine, half a million extra children live in poverty because of the war. In Romania there are more than 110,000 extra children. But it does not stop with the three countries. According to UNICEF, children throughout the Eastern European and Central Asian region are being dragged “in the terrible wake of war”.

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