Nice walk in Brixen, even with children

South Tyrol is perhaps mainly known for wonderful ski areas in The Dolomites, the cozy snow-covered villages in winter and of course the beautiful Christmas markets, summer and especially late summer is a time to enjoy the beautiful landscape with the many colorful forests. Hiking is the ideal activity for the average tourist, we are not talking about all the extreme sports that you can also do in the mountains.

An elephant in Brixen

We’re coming in the brix, a charming town that has always been the seat of a bishop and has preserved a number of glorious buildings. Last but not least that Hotel Elephant which has existed for more than 500 years and has welcomed many popes and bishops as guests. It got its name from an elephant that stayed there in 1551 on its way to Vienna. Even Jose Saramego, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, even wrote a book about it. In late 1551, an elephant, complete with a large entourage, landed in Brixen and stayed there for 14 days. It was a gift from the Portuguese King John III to his nephew, Archduke Maximilian of Austria, and was on its way from India to Vienna. The exotic animal was a sensation and was hailed by bishops and cardinals in Trento and received a triumphal procession in Bolzano.

Brixen Cathedral

We live in the brand new hotel Santrec just outside brixen which is called a dolomite home and is the most beautiful hotel i have ever seen. I will soon dedicate a separate chapter to this hotel, so stay tuned. We’re in Brixen for a trip, and that’s what we want to do.

Woody walk for the kids


To start with, we take Woodywalk. A hiking trail of over an hour, starting at Please lift and starts at 2000 m altitude at it walcroce station. Children under 6 are free and when you stay in Brixen you will definitely enjoy it Brixen card can buy, giving you a discount and even free entry in some places. As soon as you step out of the lift, you are immediately in a more than overwhelming landscape, with Funes and Sass de Putia (2875 m) in front of you. There is a good restaurant by the lift if you want to enjoy the view from the terrace first.


In recent years, much has been done to help families children to come to South Tyrol in the summer. A lot is organized. The Woodywalk trail is a good example and starts here, made especially for children, all play equipment is made of wood, and shows a lot of imagination. It is 4 km long and runs in a circle. Kids will love it, but we can’t wait to see all the wood carving that went into it.

Rossalm cabin for winter and summer


Then we go for a beautiful walk Rossalm cottage, a mountain hut where you can now spend the night in addition to something to eat. For skiers, it is an ideal place right next door ski slope, in summer it is a wonderful starting point for spectacular hikes. They offer different all-in packages in all seasons. One of the most beautiful hiking trails is #4, which takes you to Brückele, but beware, it is quite steep and takes about 3 hours.

We are going to the törggelen


The next day we go out to find out what happened the törggelen is intended. Every year from October to early December, the residents and their guests take part in one of South Tyrol’s most beloved traditions: the Törggelen. Long ago, in autumn, South Tyrolean farmers and wine merchants gathered to taste the young wine and of course there was good food.


Today it means nothing more or less than an autumn walk in the forest, so stop along the way at a farm or in one of the traditional inns to eat Schlutzkrapfen, dumplings, cured meat and homemade sausage and sauerkraut. This feast is of course complemented by new wine, followed by roasted chestnuts and sweet Krapfen cakes for dessert. Our walk went from the historic center through the vineyards and we finally arrived at Novacella Abbey. Along the way we stopped twice to taste wine and eat some of the typical regional dishes.

Neustift/Novacella monastery

The monastery of Novacella Brixen

Novacella Abbey is an impressive building, the oldest parts of which date back to the 12th century. It was built then the brix became the episcopal seat for the district. It has an impressive history, which is still reflected in large parts of the building, which today also serves as a school and for conferences. We go from one room to another, even more beautiful than the last. Novacella has its own wine production, which, as you can see from the old print, has been around for a long time. If you look closely, you can see that the vineyards were planted vertically instead of horizontally. There are other products made from herbs grown by the monastery, such as soap and oil. And you have to admit, even this 1000 year old monastery moves with the times, everything is in Online shop to order.

Pictures of the monastery

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