Common Eye strengthens the team with four new advisers

Common Eye has expanded its team with four new colleagues. Susan van de Laak, Joraline van Engelen, Carolien Fledderus and Hannah Boven started in the autumn at the consultancy specializing in collaboration.

Susan van de Laak describes himself as a “strategic thinker with an empathic approach”. She brings approximately 25 years of professional experience to Common Eye. For a large part of her career, she worked for housing companies. There she experienced how valuable and challenging collaboration can be.

“Many companies recognize that collaboration helps to achieve higher customer satisfaction, more efficient processes, or sufficiently fit and motivated employees. Yet the day-to-day concerns often distract from effective collaboration. This is true for many people in all organizations,” she explains.

Over the past three years, Van de Laak has supported organizations as an independent consultant with their business plan, vision of services and collaboration with other organizations. “In all my work, I use collaboration to achieve the goal. Because I believe that together you come up with more efficient and effective solutions.”

Joraline van Engelen wants to realize and improve collaborations with her broad experience as a historian, teacher and researcher, she explains: “To solve social problems, we need to bring different perspectives together and let them work together. Only then can we find solutions.”

In her new role at Common Eye, she hopes to gain experience in different industries. “Sectors such as healthcare and the social domain fascinate me. But I prefer to be active in education. I feel most at home there and my heart beats faster.”

There are also plenty of challenges ahead in education. “A tight labor market, digital development, socio-economic challenges and changes in learning development from primary school to youth education. These are all themes where collaboration and the exchange of perspectives can lead to changes that have an added value for society.”

Caroline Fledderus worked in the healthcare system for around 20 years, first as a nurse, later also as secretary to the board and political advisor. At Common Eye, she focuses on collaborations within and between (care) organisations. “I also guide network partners in optimizing their mutual cooperation,” she says. “Because how do you do that when you work together without hierarchy?”

Within the already complex healthcare landscape, the task of collaboration poses yet another challenge. When she takes on that challenge, she uses her experience to “connect parties with a common task”, she explains. “This can be within an organization or between organizations.”

In addition to healthcare, she can also be deployed within adjacent sectors. “I also act at the interface between the social and the social domain. My career is characterized by many different team compositions in different places in an organization. Administrative or operational, strategic or practical? It is the variety of the work that makes it fun.”

Hannah above has extensive experience with project and program management. She has worked for the healthcare system for many years, first from TwynstraGudde, then as an independent consultant and teacher. From the point of view that programmes/projects and collaboration are “inextricably linked”, she has the ambition to increase the coherence and added value between the subjects.

“I have experienced that program and project management is only successful if you manage to bind everyone involved to the task,” says Boven. “That’s why I design every program together with my customers and the employees involved, so that everyone’s interests and ambitions have a place in the program.”

She explains that, especially in the coming years, there will be an enormous collaborative task in the health sector. “The major consequences of the decentralization of care tasks require a different attitude from people, new partnerships and a different way of organizing. These are the questions where collaboration and program and project management meet.”

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