Fabricant makes digital fashion so you also look good in the Metaverse

About the manufacturer

  • Founders: Amber Slooten, Kerry Murphy and Adriana Hoppenbrouwer
  • Founded in: 2018
  • Employees: more than 50
  • Money raised:-
  • Ultimate goal: To create a new fashion industry

It doesn’t happen right away. But according to futurists, there will come a time when we will spend more time in a digital world than in real life. That doesn’t mean you never have to think about what to wear in the morning. Because even in the ‘Metaverse’ way is a statement, and the decoration of your avatar determines how others see you in the digital life environment. At least that is the belief of the startup The Fabricant. In this part of the start of the day, Michaela Larosse, Head of Content and Strategy at The Fabricant, tells more about the company.

the manufacturer
The founders © Fabricanten

What is ‘The Fabricator’?

“I have been involved with The Fabricant since it was founded in 2018. Back then, no one had heard of digital fashion and a digital fashion house. We were the very first. We still have to explain what that means: fashion as an experience.”

What does a ‘digital only fashion house’ entail?

“We don’t do anything physical. And we never will. When you enter our digital studio, you won’t see scissors and cutting boards. Instead, you only see large screens. The people in our fashion team have all received a classical education. Either because of their own personal interest or because of an interest in technology, they have turned to the use of 3D software. We use this to design fashion for big brands.”

What do you want to solve?

“In fact, we want a whole new fashion industry that is more sustainable, fairer and more creative. Fashion as an industry is so wasteful. It creates a constant urge for clothes that eventually end up in landfills. The production of fashion involves a lot of CO2emissions and use of chemicals. And some are flown in to buy drugs and check the material later. We can’t go on like this. We strive for a completely new fashion industry. Digital fashion is an emotional experience. You don’t need the physical world to experience emotions. Emotions themselves are non-physical.

Digitally, you do not use natural resources. We use electricity. It is a reality. So we would also like to start using renewable electricity. For us, it’s about communicating fashion as an idea.”

Who have you worked with so far?

“Our last collaboration was with a very famous NFT project called Women’s world. In it, 27 different digital characters have been developed. All with different looks, different outfits, different hair and different ethnicities. What we wanted to do in collaboration with World of Women was to reinvent what the clothes would look like if you actually designed them. Our fashion team has thus created a complete wardrobe for the 27 models.”

“Part of the project was to provide fashion for women for avatars in Web-3 or Metaverse. The digital fabrics are made by twelve female artists. It really was a fantastic collaboration.”

What problems did you have to overcome?

“I mention two things: cynicism and talent. It was difficult to explain exactly what we had in mind in 2018. It has also been very difficult to find talent. Because this is a new world. We have many new skills. Fashion education does not yet focus on the techniques necessary for the future of this industry. From our perspective, they should be teaching their students all the skills they need to compete in the future.”

Where do you want to be in five years?

“Building a new fashion industry does not happen overnight. It is a huge task to build a fully functioning ecosystem that benefits everyone, with all the infrastructure needed to do it. If in five years we have come close and it turns out to work, then I will be very happy.”

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