Jabra introduces new wireless headset to keep frontline workers connected anywhere

Jabra introduces new wireless headset to keep frontline workers connected anywhere

  • The Jabra Perform 45 empowers frontline workers with its discreet wireless Bluetooth® mono headset
  • The headset integrates easily with Push-To-Talk platforms and provides optimized first-line communication
  • Jabra Perform 45 is designed to be worn all day long with excellent comfort, flexibility and ease of use

Amsterdam, 18 October 2022 – Today, Jabra, a leader in personal audio and office solutions, introduces the Jabra Perform 45 headset. This is the first model in the new Jabra Perform product line, helping frontline workers through digital transformation. Research* has shown that many frontline workers feel they do not have the right technology and information to do their jobs effectively. The discreet Bluetooth® mono headset solves these problems with its compact design and Push-to-Talk (PTT) button. Frontline workers have instant access to other colleagues and can make informed decisions faster, increasing their productivity, performance and customer satisfaction.

Simple connection
Minimal interaction and user-friendly button placement are essential for those moving between the shop floor and the warehouse. With the PTT button on the headset, urgent questions can be answered and problems can be solved almost instantly, regardless of where employees are located. The PTT feature is unique in a headset and helps employees be more productive.

The PTT button works with commonly used software such as Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie and Zebra Workforce Connect and integrates with your preferred platform using the Jabra SDK. To get a complete overview of the devices the company uses, employers can use the Jabra Xpress management software. This software allows users to track, update and customize all devices across the organization.

Crystal clear communication everywhere
Noise is a constant challenge for most frontline workers. That’s why Jabra Perform 45 is equipped with an advanced ultra-noise-reducing microphone that removes up to 80 percent of background noise, so colleagues can hear each other well. The speaker is also optimized for speech clarity, enabling smooth communication from both sides.

In addition, the Face2Face function in the headset ensures that customers always have the employees’ full attention. This feature is activated by moving the boom arm to a vertical position, which shuts off all incoming sound. When the employee is ready to contact colleagues on the PTT channel again, he simply needs to lower the boom arm to receive PTT messages again.

Comfortable lightweight design for all-day use
When working in a busy environment, it’s important for frontline workers to have a lightweight headset that won’t weigh them down. With a weight of only 18 grams, the compact Jabra Perform 45 fits comfortably and discreetly around the ear, so that employees always appear welcoming and professional to customers. Three sizes of EarGel™ are included so employees can choose the fit that best suits them – whether it’s left or right ear.

“More than ever, we’re reminded of the vital role frontline workers play in sectors like healthcare, hospitality, warehousing and retail. They’re the glue that holds the whole operation together. So we knew our new line, Jabra Perform, needed products that helps frontline workers do their jobs better With the Jabra Perform 45 headset, we hope frontline workers have all the necessary features at their fingertips so they can help their colleagues and customers and stay focused wherever they are,” says Frank van Veen, Head of Enterprise Marketing Benelux at Jabra.

Key features of the Jabra Perform 45:

  • Small, light and discreet design – Employees experience comfort all day long, and they always look welcoming to customers. The headset is easy to clean, durable and has IP54 protection against dust and water
  • 80 percent noise-reducing microphone and crystal-clear sound – Keeps communication optimal and uninterrupted
  • Push-to-Talk – Enables direct communication with colleagues
  • Easy to set up and use – Minimal button presses and easy to use
  • Extended battery life and range – up to 20 hours when using Push-to-Talk, or up to 8 hours when used for calls only, and up to 100 meters of wireless range. Universal USB-C charger and compatible with 5-Bay charging standard
  • Movable boom arm – able to instantly mute all incoming audio so employees can better focus on helping able to customize and manage devices – via Jabra Direct and Xpress software and available for integration with free SDK

The Jabra Perform 45 is now available on Amazon and Jabra.nl for a suggested retail price of €129. For more information on the Jabra Perform 45, visit www.jabra.nl/perform45.

*Sources: Microsoft Work Trend Index Special Report 2022, Data Select Frontline Workers

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