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IJmuiden – Students from the upper years at Vellesan College received a presentation on cryptocurrencies on Wednesday afternoon. The school had invited Rogier van Kuijk to this. He is a crypto expert and founder of the internet platform ‘A Richer Life’ where he gives advice on how to grow your wealth. In three groups, the students were given an explanation about the origins of cryptocurrencies and their potential uses now and in the future.

By Raimond Bos

Many dream of becoming a millionaire, but few succeed in achieving that goal. For Rogier van Kuijk, it was already established at a young age; he did not want to have to work until retirement age. Financial independence was his main goal, and he wanted that through, among other things, smart investment. Already at the age of nineteen, he knew: “I want to be a millionaire.” Eight years earlier, in a way, he already laid the groundwork for it, because at the age of 11 he started investing. Van Kuijk thus followed in the footsteps of his father, who has also invested almost his entire life. After finishing high school, he decided to study technical informatics and then worked in the IT sector for about sixteen years. He earned his HBO diploma in 2009, the year bitcoin was launched. A cryptocurrency that at the time was worth a few euro cents, but at the moment more than forty thousand euros must be paid. Bitcoin has become worth more than four million times as much. “Imagine if you had invested one euro in bitcoin in 2009, you would now have more than four million euros in your bank account,” he explained to the students on Wednesday.

The rise of cryptocurrencies

He asked his audience, students aged fourteen to sixteen, if they already knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up. Only a few of the approximately one hundred and twenty present raised a hand. “It’s okay if you don’t know yet,” Van Kuijk continued. He explained, “The road will unfold itself.” Then he wanted to know which of the students are already doing something with cryptocurrencies. Some hands went up here and there, maybe five to ten percent of the participants already had crypto coins themselves. For the majority of those present, it was unknown territory, so Van Kuijk focused in particular on the reason for the creation of crypto-coins: “It is a way to make a transaction without the intervention of a third party, such as a bank. Banks often charge high fees. Suppose your parents live in a developing country and you want to transfer money to them, then sometimes it can happen that you transfer a hundred euros and your parents get only sixty euros because of the costs charged for it. You don’t have the high costs of cryptocurrency.”

18,500 different crypto coins

That the development of this virtual currency has exploded is evident from the fact that there are now around 18,500 different cryptocurrencies. “Most of them are really in-depth,” says Van Kuijk. He continued: ,,They get hyped, then you buy them, but they are worth nothing. Then you lose your money.” What cryptocurrencies would he advise, if not bitcoin or ethereum, a student would know. Van Kuijk did not give a concrete answer. He explained: ,,I cannot recommend a particular cryptocurrency to you because I am not a financial advisor. I look at the potential of certain crypto coins. I am aware of this on my platform ‘A Richer Life’. But if you want to invest money, don’t bet everything on cryptocurrencies. It is very unwise. And always invest only with money you can afford to lose.” You can buy crypto coins on an exchange. There are now quite a few, and not all are equally reliable. Does Rogier van Kuijk have a recommendation for this? “Take a look at the Nederlandsche Bank website. They have a register which includes a number of Dutch stock exchanges. If you work with an exchange that is registered there, it provides some protection.”


When the presentation is finished after 45 minutes and all questions have been asked, the students leave the room. Did they learn anything from it? “No, I already knew what he said,” says one of them. Another replies: ,,No, I still don’t understand it at all.”A few students line up in a short line to be able to exchange thoughts personally with the speaker. One of them is Summer. When it’s her turn, she apologizes with the words: “Maybe it’s really rude for me to ask.” And then she asks the question that has haunted the reporter for several minutes, but it was crazy that it didn’t come from the audience: “Are you a millionaire?” Van Kuijk answered the question with: “Maybe.” For Summer, the question was sufficient. answered. “I’ll take that as a yes,” she stated. An important fact for her, because: “If he wasn’t a millionaire, I don’t think his story is reliable.” Will she do something with cryptocurrencies herself? ,,Maybe yes. My brothers are already working on it and my mother also finds it very interesting. Yes, it’s about the money!”

From fabric to digital

Rogier van Kuijk’s presentation took place in connection with the national Money Week, an initiative of the Money Wise platform. This week’s theme this year is ‘From duku to digi’ and with good reason; the world is becoming more and more digital. Online shops are always open, more and more children get their pocket money digitally and young people pay with their mobile phones. It is therefore important to inform young people properly about money matters. The word ‘duku’ is slang for money and has its origins in Surinamese culture. The word became especially famous in our country when the rapper Def Rhymz used it in 1999 in his number 1 hit ‘Doekoe’ and has since been used mainly by young people. With the presentation by Rogier van Kuijk, Vellesan College hopes to make students more aware of the impact cryptocurrencies will have on society in the coming years.

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