The 10 Best Books on NFTs

In 2021, NFTs became hugely popular, breaking one record after another. A non-fungible token, abbreviated as NFT, is a certificate of ownership of a unique digital object. It is a link on a blockchain of an account to specific digital objects, such as a picture, music, a character in a game or even a piece of digital land. With the help of an NFT, you can therefore become the owner of a digital object. This certificate of ownership is kept in a wallet and provides proof of ownership.

NFTs represent a revolutionary blockchain-based way of owning digital assets, and can be used for various purposes. More and more people and companies are therefore becoming interested in NFTs. For some, however, NFTs are still a great mystery.

Would you like to learn more about NFTs? There are a number of books that can help you with this. In this blog, we have made a selection of the best ten books on NFTs at the moment, both for beginners and advanced traders.

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Author Oliver J. Rich
Publication date 11 October 2021
Number of pages 128
Language English

NFTs are taking over the world at a rapid pace. If you are looking for information about NFTs and want to know exactly how you can make money with them, then you have come to the right place with this book. This book serves as a guide to everything you need to know about NFTs.

The book explains what NFTs are, how you can make money from them, and what knowledge you need to get started finding profitable projects. You will also learn what pitfalls to avoid and how to protect yourself from possible losses. With the tips, tools, tricks and hints in this book, you will be well prepared to dive into the world of NFTs. Generate passive income, discover financial freedom and change your life!

Author Kevin W. Allen
Publication date 30 October 2021
Number of pages 114
Language English

NFTs are spreading rapidly in the digital art and gathering world, and for good reason. NFTs offer a huge opportunity to increase your wealth and generate an additional income stream. However, digital art is only one possible use of NFTs. Specifically, NFTs can be used to symbolize ownership of each unique digital object.

The purpose of this book is simple: to teach you the basic skills to enter this new world and take the first steps towards success. It explains what NFTs are, how to create, buy and sell them and which platforms are suitable for them. Tips are also given on how to choose good projects that are profitable. This book also provides a good introduction to NFTs.

Author Crypto Duchy
Publication date 22 May 2021
Number of pages 167
Language English

This detailed book provides information for anyone who wants to find out how to make money with NFTs, but who is not yet very familiar with what NFTs are and what you can do with them.

The book covers what NFTs are and provides all the essential information you need. For example, it discusses how exactly NFTs work and what applications they can be used for. This book also contains information on the best marketplaces for NFTs and explains the NFT creation, buying and selling process. A number of success stories are also shared. The book is intended for anyone who wants to make NFTs themselves, but also if you are only interested in buying and selling NFTs.

Author Crypto Duchy
Publication date 8 September 2021
Number of pages 124
Language English

This book is specifically aimed at teenagers who are interested in crypto and NFTs and want to start investing.

It discusses the ways you can make money with crypto as a teenager and how you can buy crypto. It explains exactly what crypto and blockchain are. It also explains all about NFTs, what are the most expensive NFTs ever sold and how to make them yourself. The book goes on to explain how to protect yourself from scammers, what an ICO is, and even goes into how to become a cryptocurrency influencer. A very comprehensive and useful book for all teenagers who want to learn more about crypto and NFTs.

Author Matt Fortnow
Publication date 12 October 2021
Number of pages 273
Language English

This NFT Handbook is a detailed guide to making, selling and buying NFTs without the need for any technical background. Learn exactly what NFTs are, how they came about, and why they have value. The aspects of NFTs and the different types that exist are discussed in more detail. The various NFT marketplaces are also discussed.

Specifically, it explains step by step how you can make NFTs yourself, paying special attention to the content of an NFT and how you can get it on the blockchain and the different options, such as setting a price or starting an auction. An introduction to blockchain and gas fees is also given. This book goes through the entire process of making and selling NFTs, making it valuable for beginners, but also if you have more experience, this book is a good reference.

Author Alfredo de Candia
Publication date 24 March 2021
Number of pages 326
Language Dutch

In this unique book for beginners and advanced users, all aspects of NFTs are thoroughly analyzed. A Dutch version of this book is available, which is certainly very handy!

It discusses what NFTs are, what different types of NFTs exist, and how you can make your own NFT. An explanation is also given about different blockchains and how you can buy and sell NFTs. It also discusses NFTs and copyright and applicable laws in Europe, America and China and Japan. Finally, the historical aspect of this technology and its origins are discussed. Thus, this book is not only intended to teach you about NFTs, but also provides practical tools for creating and trading NFTs yourself, as well as discussing the regulatory side.

Author Adam McBride
Publication date 27 October 2021
Number of pages 154
Language English

Why are NFTs important? Aren’t NFTs just bad art stored on the blockchain? In this book, the author takes you on his adventure in crypto, NFTs and the future.

The author points out that NFTs are actually the first phase of a technological transformation that will affect our world in a way similar to the Internet revolution of the last two decades. Join an original NFT archaeologist as he shares his real-life journey through the 2021 NFT explosion and his vision for the future of NFTs, crypto and Web 3.0.

Author Elon Weiss
Publication date 28 December 2021
Number of pages 83
Language English

The dynamism of the modern world has exceeded everyone’s expectations. The growth of the digitized world has led to a new and exciting environment: NFT’s. But what exactly are NFTs and how can you use them to invest and achieve high returns? We know that entering the world of NFTs can be overwhelming. This book will help you do that and answer the fundamental questions about this new digital age.

It explains in a simple way what NFTs are, how exactly they work, what the difference is with crypto, and how you can use them to invest. The focus is less on how you can make NFTs yourself, but more on which platforms are suitable for buying and selling and how you can maximize your returns. Examples of popular NFTs are also discussed and current trends are highlighted, such as games to make money. With this book you get an introduction to the new world of investing: the metaverse!

Author Alex Andersen
Publication date 22 October 2021
Number of pages 26
Language English

“Play-to-Earn is already the biggest star in the metaverse!” Crypto and NFT games are set to become the biggest crypto trend in 2022. Games like Axie Infinity and God’s Unchained have turned early investors and players into millionaires. Still, the crypto gaming trend is just getting started and there is still a lot to learn about it. Crypto gaming is expected to become the largest crypto industry. Crypto games allow players to trade in crypto, and NFTs allow users to take ownership of in-game items such as characters, skins, weapons, etc. and trade them on the blockchain. So users will actually own their in-game items!

Currently, there are still many misconceptions about crypto games, which leads to a lot of confusion and leads users astray. This book will help you better understand the world of crypto games. It simply explains what cryptogaming really is, why it will take over the gaming world, and how you can make money from it. A number of promising crypto games to invest in before 2022 are also discussed, and tips are given on how to spot promising crypto games with high returns.

Author Terry Winters
Publication date 27 August 2021
Number of pages 128
Language English

Are you curious about the bigger picture of the metaverse and don’t quite understand how it all works? Maybe you want to learn more about it, but you don’t know where to start? In this practical introduction you will learn why and how we must prepare for a new digital renaissance and what it means for employment, investment and new business models.

By reading this book, you are invited to begin your journey as a digital investor, metaverse business owner, virtual property owner, or just a curious bystander! This book explores the concept of the metaverse and the new possibilities it offers. The role of crypto and NFTs is also discussed. In this context, decentralized worlds are discussed, including Decentraland, The Sandbox and Axie Infinity.


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