Former love rival explains to Story: ‘Peter R. de Vries had no relationship with Tahmina Akefi…’

Crime journalist Kees van der Spek’s open reservations about the love affair that Tahmina Akefi claims with her deceased bosom friend Peter R. de Vries provokes the necessary reactions. As a former love rival of the slain TV legend…

EIt seems that more and more questions are being asked about the late Peter R. de Vries’ relationship with the journalist Tahmina Akefi (39), who once came to the Netherlands as an Afghan refugee. According to beautiful Tahmina, the crime reporter has had an intensive relationship with her since 2015, and the two were supposed to have tied the knot last summer. After the ultimately fatal attack on Peter, Tahmina made a documentary about their love affair which, contrary to the crime reporter’s habit, discussed the most intimate details of their relationship. In the documentary, it became clear that the couple broke up for a short time in 2017 because Tahmina had a desire for children and Peter did not want to fulfill it. Because Tahmina said she couldn’t live without Peter, the two got back together. Following the documentary, Tahmina recently announced that she is also working on a book about her relationship with Peter. Then Peter’s good friend and former colleague Kees van der Spek had had enough. “I’ve hardly heard from Peter about her,” Kees told the podcast Butcher and Dresselhuy’s bid by Jan Slagter and Cisca Dresselhuys. ‘I understood that it was also often on and off, that it was not a constant relationship. I think she makes it very big posthumously, I don’t think it’s cool what’s happening there. Not fancy.’ And: ‘She was always very aloof, now she is suddenly very much in the foreground. She should know that herself. But I think she’s causing more grief with it than helping anyone’.

‘Open Marriage’

As Story previously reported, in 2017, whether it was during the time he and Tahmina were temporarily separated, Peter had an affair with Esther (other details known to Story), who at the time was living in her now-ex’s house – man Makan (other information known to Story) lived in Hoorn. Because Makan had camera surveillance in his house, he was surprised when an unknown man with a hood over his head and a bottle of champagne in his hands came late one night – especially as his then six-year-old daughter was asleep upstairs. . When he arrived at his home to take stock, Makan was stunned to come face to face with Peter. Although Makan asked Peter to leave the house, the crime reporter refused. Makan then called the police. When the police arrived, Makan decided to film the scene. “You come into my house with a hood over your head and then you think you can f**k my girlfriend!” Makan yelled at Peter over the footage Story has seen. “Find someone your own age, old man. You’re desperate, man!’ The video surfaced on the Internet a day later, causing quite a stir; Peter felt compelled to broadcast RTL Boulevard to react to. “That woman is an acquaintance of mine, I was invited to her house by her,” explained Peter. “It was the first time I visited her, just for fun. It was just a social visit, nothing more.’ Makan little believed Peter’s words at the time. “The two of them have been together for a long time,” Makan told Story the day after the incident. “They definitely have a relationship and have been WhatsApping each other for weeks. Esther had been constantly on her phone at lately and was acting very absent. I often asked her if she had someone else but she didn’t. After Peter had left our house that Saturday evening she confirmed to me that it was Peter she had WhatsApped with all the time and that she finds him a very attractive and interesting man. They got to know each other through Linked-In, she said. That’s how the contact between them started. I know from Esther that they saw each other again recently, that is after on the Saturday night in question. But Peter will deny that too…’ When Story tries to contact Makan again five years later, the situation with his ex-wife is much better. The two lived their own lives and are in good touch about raising their now eleven-year-old daughter Makan also sees mis thoughtful of the relationship that Peter would have had with Tahmina. “I understood from Esther’s stories that Peter had no relationship with Tahmina at the time,” Makan tells Story. Esther showed me that in messages from Peter. I didn’t know better than that Peter had an open marriage with his ex-wife Jacqueline. I also saw that documentary about Tahmina. Her appearance matched my ex’s, I noticed immediately. The two resemble each other a lot…’ Esther herself did not want to answer questions from Story about her relationship with Peter R. de Vries at the time. Tahmina Akefi has previously indicated that she would not give interviews before the publication of her book.

‘I think she makes it very big posthumously’

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