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The compensation case is still booming. According to researcher Heleen Cousijn, the affected children must have a face. That’s why she joined Rohan and Luttchiano with ‘supplement children’ last night The 1st. They tell their story for the first time.

Around 95,000 children fell victim to the welfare scandal.

‘Youth deprived’ child benefit case

Cousijn interviewed for diversion 114 of these children. “What moved me the most is the seriousness of the stories,” she says at the table at The 1st. “Huge debt, stress, mental problems, physical problems.” According to her, many of these children have been deprived of their youth. “If you live for years under so much stress and under such complicated circumstances, you sometimes have to pull the wagon because your parents can’t do it at certain times. It’s something they can’t get back.”

‘Child protection did everything to get us out of the house’

Rohan tells the harrowing story of his childhood. “It all started when I was six years old,” he recalls. “Then it changed all at once. We received many letters from the IRS saying that my parents had a lot of debt. But it quickly went from receiving a letter from the Tax Administration, to a debt collection agency, to a red letter in the name of the King. It went from zero to a hundred. You no longer knew what happened, you lost everything. Many bailiffs came to the door. You also notice in your parents that something was wrong.”

It has been different for the family. “Before I turned six, we could go on holiday three times a year. And suddenly it was all no longer possible. My parents tried to keep us out of debt because we were kids. Six months later, child protection came into play. They really wanted us out of the house,’ he explains. “They did everything they could to get us out of the house. It’s very hard to think about. I remember when I had the conversation with Child Protection. It was very strange. I was just in the kitchen, I was sitting at the dining table . They were very forceful to get certain reactions out of us. To find a reason to get us out of the house. Later they came up with: your parents have a lot of debt.

Rohan’s parents owed a whopping four hundred thousand dollars. “I saw letters a few years ago. Where they were asked to transfer four tonnes to the tax authority’s account within three days.” Although he noticed things in his youth, it wasn’t until fourteen years later that it became clear to him what was really going on.

Luttchiano tries to turn a negative into a positive

The compensation case has also left a deep mark on Luttchiano. “I think it’s scandalous how all this could have happened. Families that have just been torn apart. People have even taken their own lives because it just got too much,” he says. “I had to give up my childhood. And until now there is still no end. They say that things are done, but of course words must also be fulfilled. In my opinion, that has not happened so far.”

When it is mentioned that there was no more water at Luttchiano’s house at a given time, he indicates that he does not want to talk about it. He wants to send a positive message. “I’ve had a lot of anger all these years, so I’m trying to use my words for something else now. I want to try to turn negativity into something positive.”

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Child support case tells their story: ‘Child protection did everything to get us out of the house’

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