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Samsung’s internally secured, integrated SmartThings and Bixby platforms provide a secure and simple smart home experience for multi-device households

The annual Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) in San Francisco brought developers, builders and designers together to exchange ideas about connectivity and connected experiences. At the event, Samsung shared its vision to create simple and innovative customer experiences, including the current developments within SmartThings. This connectivity platform has become a smarter living tool, thanks to the integration with Bixby and the seamless connection with devices compatible with Matter.

“At Samsung, we are constantly innovating our devices, platforms and services to make them simpler and more convenient. I am proud to show the next generation of our products, with an even closer collaboration with partners and developers,” says June Park, president of Samsung Benelux. “Technologies are becoming more complex, but we continue to look for ways to make life easier, more flexible and more connected so that our customers to focus on what really matters.”

Connecting platforms and devices with Calm Technology
Samsung’s vision for connectivity is inspired by the Calm Technology philosophy – where devices work together immediately, so you can save time on setup and get started right away. For this we have SmartThings and its associated services and partnerships reimagined. This is how we have Samsung’s options Hub everywhere augmented with audiovisual data. Also SmartThings Energy, SmartThings Pet and SmartThings Cooking was updated according to this philosophy. We partnered with Philips Hue to Philips Hue Sync Integrate directly into Galaxy devices so you can easily match the smart lighting in your home with your music.

The seamless experience extends beyond Samsung’s ecosystem thanks to SmartThings’ integration with Fabric and Samsung’s participation in Home Connectivity Alliance. Google and Samsung are working together to ensure that multi-admin functionality for Matter devices allows you to find and link your devices across platforms.

Bixby is even more integrated with SmartThings, allowing developers to develop more intelligent voice control. Bixby is the AI ​​solution that allows you to operate not only individual Galaxy devices, but also entire connected ecosystems of Samsung devices. With the new Bixby Home Studio developers can now build distinctive, customized experiences for the SmartThings platform. In addition, Bixby will be available to even more people from November with support for Latin American Spanish.

The smart home is becoming more complex, so we’re introducing a new security paradigm that lets Samsung devices protect each other. Samsung Knox Matrix[1] is a security platform based on a private blockchain that turns specific Samsung devices into a shield that protects your entire connected ecosystem. From Galaxy devices to TVs and home appliances. In addition, you can easily adjust your privacy settings with the new one Security and privacy dashboardwhich scans for vulnerabilities, recommends security updates and provides data management options.

Personalized services for better experiences
It has the past year Samsung TV Plus — Samsung’s free ad-supported streaming TV and video platform available on Samsung Smart TV‘s[2] and Samsung mobile devices — achieved 100% growth in viewership[3]. We expect to have streamed three billion hours by the end of this year. To maintain this momentum, we expanded the Samsung TV Plus offering by partnering with Lionsgate and Vice Media for 8K video on demand. Samsung TV Plus has also been redesigned to display the wide range of content – ​​more than 1,600 channels in 24 countries. Samsung TV Plus is the first choice for a seamless advertising experience, with stream stitching that makes ad playback easier than ever before.

After ten years of loyal service, Samsung Tizen-operating system (OS) still provides the best user experience. That Samsung Gaming Hub enables faster and easier access to games on Samsung Smart TV, powered by leading partners such as Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Utomik and Amazon Luna. Samsung Gaming Hub integrates features such as AI upscaling and multitasking to make gaming on Samsung Smart TV an immersive and optimized experience.

Tizen OS also runs NFT-provide support with partners such as Art Token, laCollection and Nifty Gateway. For B2B customers and developers we offer B2B APIs, tailored for business and use cases such as Syncplay, which enables content to be played across multiple sign screens in sync. Tizen also introduces SALTa new conversion solution that enables the highest quality HDR10+ content to be displayed on supported TVs.

Your Galaxy, your way with One UI 5
With the new OneUI 5 you can easily customize the look of your device, increase your productivity and get great experiences across devices and platforms. The tailor-made fashion and routines of One UI 5 provides an even more personalized experience and Dynamic lock screen displays multiple images on your smartphone, Galaxy Watch, and other One UI 5 devices. With the new Bixby text call[4] Bixby Voice answers calls on your behalf and shares your typed messages spoken to the caller as if you answered the call yourself. One UI 5 also introduces new health solutions that allow you to keep track of your health and well-being in one place. This includes Samsung Privileged Health SDKwhich allows developers to build apps that use the BioActive Sensor on the Galaxy Watch[5].

Forward-looking investments and research
Samsung Research looks further ahead: We want to innovate for a better future and open collaboration. Samsung Research is making its robot arm control code available on GitHub, allowing academics, researchers and developers to explore new ideas for robot control.

Samsung’s research team was also inspired by the new wellness functions on the Galaxy Watch5 in particular. To find new use cases that take advantage of these features, Samsung Research collaborates with universities and health institutions in the fields of heart health, stress, blood pressure, lung health and neuroscience. The result: a full-stack SDK – the Samsung Health stack – which will give wings to research in key health areas and stimulate new development.

We invite developers, builders, partners and others to join us in our pursuit of open collaboration and seamless connected experiences. For more information about the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) 2022, visit

[1] Starting in late 2023, Samsung Knox Matrix will initially be available on select Samsung devices. Support for products from other manufacturers will follow later.

[2] Samsung TV Plus is only available for selected Samsung Smart TVs.

[3] Comparison between viewing figures from September 2020 to August 2021 and viewing figures from September 2021 to August 2022

[4] Only available in Korean and English (after update).

[5] Available on Galaxy Watch4 series and Galaxy Watch5 series.

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