Sustainably built congress 2022: ‘Climate-neutral residential area? Start in the initiative phase!’

You heard it! On November 3, 2022, we’ll be rolling up our sleeves for the Sustainably Built Congress 2022. To celebrate Sustainability Day and add extra strength, you’ll only get a 100 euro discount today if you register via this link. Note: As a partner/member, you have free access with your customer number.

In this article we also highlight different sessions. We start with the session of Develop Inc. and about tomorrow. According to the two organisations, climate neutrality in 2030 is ambitious, ‘but it is certainly possible!’ “The condition is that you establish the right prerequisites in the initiation phase,” explains Jourdain Martens of Develop Inc. from. “Even before the planning design and development process has started. After all, the initiative phase is the time to think integratedly about themes such as energy, mobility, housing needs, biodiversity, quality of life and affordability.”

Sustainably built congress 2022: 'Climate-neutral residential area?  Start in the initiative phase!'

left: Jourdain Martens, Edvard Hendriksen, Frits Verhoef and Alexander Weisz

Integrated vision for a climate-neutral residential area

Develop Inc and Over Morgen take you on a journey through the integrated vision for the creation of a climate-neutral residential area. This will give you all the inspiration and direction you need to get started on plans for climate neutral neighborhoods. “Climate-friendly residential areas contribute to making the built environment more sustainable and to reducing the housing shortage,” continues Martens. “Our vision consists of five pillars to achieve a climate-neutral residential area and create support in society.”

  1. Smart systems for sustainable energy supply for housing and mobility;
  2. Promotion of biodiversity, climate adaptation and safety in neighbourhoods.
  3. Energy-neutral or energy-efficient homes, tailored to housing needs;
  4. Affordability of homes and housing concepts through sharp target group segmentation;
  5. Integrated consideration of circular material use;

Sustainably built congress 2022: 'Climate-neutral residential area?  Start in the initiative phase!'

Park Rietveld, the ‘new construction puzzle’ in Noordeloos moves on to the next phase.

“During the workshop at the Sustainably Built Congress, we share our vision of this integrated approach. We take you through the process steps and prerequisites necessary for the formation of your climate-neutral residential area. We offer municipalities, builders and housing associations a quick scan after the workshop. With this, we help you on your way to taking the right steps to make your new residential area climate neutral.” Read more about Park Rietveld in Sustainably Built Digimagazine.

Significantly reduce residents’ energy costs

The second session we highlight is Frits Verhoef and Alexander Weisz from Econic: ‘For many residents, housing associations can significantly reduce energy costs today.’ According to them, the housing associations’ involvement in the energy transition is high. But with the knowledge that almost 1,000,000 households have to choose between, for example, heating or eating your house, action must be taken now. The focus is still too much on the challenges instead of today’s and tomorrow’s opportunities. It is true that the challenges facing companies are particularly great. So big that one might think: it solves politics. Or science. Or business. But we can’t wait that long.

Frits Verhoef and Alexander Weisz talk about the solutions with which housing companies can already significantly reduce energy costs for residents. Econic relieves housing associations of financing, installing and operating sustainable energy systems and informing tenants. These systems are already feasible and affordable for homes and apartment complexes from the 1960s onwards. In this way, we respond to the challenges of the energy transition and reduce the tenants’ energy costs. Also read the white paper we created together with econic.

The full program for the Sustainable Building Congress can be found here. You can sign up here. As a partner/member, you have free access with your customer number. Or grab a €100 discount on October 10, 2022 to strengthen the day of sustainability.

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