Are you looking for a VAT number in the Netherlands? This is how to do it!

What is a VAT number?

If you start a business and the Tax Office sees you as an entrepreneur for VAT purposes, you must have a VAT number (formerly known as a tax number). The 2 terms often come to the fore: VAT number and VAT registration number.

You use the VAT number for communication with the tax authorities. For example with the VAT declaration or transfer of turnover tax.

In addition, the tax authorities work with a VAT registration number (VAT number). You use this VAT number for communication with customers and suppliers.

The VAT ID looks like this: country code NL, 9 digits, letter B and a check digit of 2 digits. From 1 January 2020, the 9 digits for sole proprietorships are not the same as the digits in the VAT number.

If you are liable for VAT, your old VAT number may no longer be sufficient. Make sure you have your new VAT registration number to hand.

Why do you have one VAT-need number?

The VAT number makes communication with the tax authorities much easier. When you use number, ficus knows exactly who you are.

The VAT number is important for communication with customers and suppliers. For example, with regard to the request and processing of VAT.

How to find a VAT number in the Netherlands?

In many cases, companies state the VAT number on their website. In addition, you as a company are obliged to state your VAT number on invoices.

Do you want to look up a VAT number in the Netherlands? So it’s best to check the company’s website to see if you can find it there.

Do you want to find out your own VAT number? Then log in via the Tax Administration’s portal or contact them.

How to find a supplier’s VAT number in the Netherlands?

Do you work with a specific supplier? Then it is an important step to check the VAT number. Enter the VAT number on an invoice, an obligation for any business. How to check:

  1. See the supplier’s invoice

  2. Is the VAT number not stated on the invoice? Please contact the supplier.

  3. Is the VAT number on the invoice? Check if it is valid via this website: Vat Information Exchange System (VIES)

How do you apply for a different VAT number?

It is important in certain situations to apply for a different VAT number. For example, when you start new activities with your company. Or work with multiple locations. You must then report this to the Chamber of Commerce. You can request a different VAT number as follows:

  1. First, determine if there is a new activity. To do this, check if the activity has a different SBI code.

  2. Does the activity have a different SBI code? Or does your company have or will have several locations. Then contact the tax authorities and request a different VAT number.

Frequently asked questions about VAT numbers

When should you use your VAT number?
You must use your VAT number for communication with customers, suppliers and tax authorities.

Where can you find the VAT number?
On a supplier’s or customer’s invoice or website. You can easily request your own VAT number from the tax authorities.

Is the VAT number the same as your Chamber of Commerce number?
None. Your chamber of commerce number relates to the commercial register. The VAT number is for tax purposes.

Can someone apply for a VAT number?
You only get a VAT number if the Tax Office sees you as a ‘entrepreneur for VAT’.


A VAT number is very important. It forms the basis for communication with the tax authorities when it comes to VAT matters, and you need it when dealing with customers, clients and suppliers. In addition, a VAT registration number indicates that you are legitimate as a business.

Looking up a VAT number is a little more difficult today than before. Especially because it is divided into an identification number and a VAT number. Are you looking for a customer’s or supplier’s VAT number? Always check the invoice and/or website first. This is where you have the greatest chance of success.

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