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I’m also going to the digital detectives. Did my theft reports to the police and provided evidence and some tools and detective work to help the digital detectives. But I think they have already closed my case and have not done anything about it, although I think it is one of the biggest criminals in the crypto network. At the time, the hacker who stole my crypto had more than 2 billion euros across multiple wallets. Now crypto has collapsed quite a bit, so it will probably be less. You wonder why they keep stealing so much. Prove yourself and don’t hesitate or have morals.
Those were the notes I had taken.

My Wallet = 0xe16a7b6CAEB80315A74b1735Ec38b9A6ed3E6836

THash stolen crypto = 0x270219d1ba426afa1a4da4d7e19ae5f1128583fb5f76117c7c1ce05d5183bd7d
742.1 Cake stolen!!!

Hacker Wallet My cryptograph went first = 0xe9ae726b07305bfc51631eef59c0e917f1ef9975
My cake was parked there for a week, he’s on the road now.

THash My Cake hi Swap = 0xfd18636524e295631560732d834e85d2dcfc0b44bc9f2703c7460b44bb1f4738
742.1 Cake For 16.81 BNB

THash Hacker on the move sent most of the BNB he made out of me 12.4/16.81 BNB

Hacker wallet Just another way to make it harder to track?

THash Hacker transfer 12.39BNB on BSC Token Hub and convert it to bnb wallet.
TxHash is now F781E7F980BAC5C35AE3F0A10E04268023B88CF6D6E64B6FE43FBC59420D0C54

Hacker BNB Wallet Third

He moves my BNB deeper into the rabbit hole 12.389925 BNB Sent.
TxHash 4EA1FAB9710CF39146B8C403120F2675A4959CD842E472D0CF607B17AEA54FAF
Note 4978081201213404

Hacker Wallet Fire $2.5 Million Net!!! My assets ended up in this pile. Why do you have to steal anyway?!
bnb1jwr79maxff06p07n4qfm33asv60gnnfe5fpw32 $2.5 million net. My assets ended up in this pile.

Ok, so now I know where my money went.
But we can go deeper down the rabbit hole from here.
Let’s take a look at these sick bastards and what funds they are moving around.

So they move cash around to my hacker wallet from a Fifth Wallet.
From bnb1xrfwzlu9c5208lhtn7ywt0mjrhjh4nt4fjyqxy Hacker Wallet Five 56.262 Million$!!!
To bnb1jwr79maxff06p07n4qfm33asv60gnnfe5fpw32 Hacker Wallet Four 2.5Million$+ The one who hacked my wallet.
TxHash 035AF36109A81E6F008BA848489F908AAC13BAA9AA4C274F12311CD918EBAD24
Note 1961549476371519

Following multiple bucks all linked together in a web…

bnb1nuuqvhp9e8t22hvtsr6hvvu7cvf0uqdtkh37fu Another wallet from the person who stole my crypto.

bnb1ger2dx3xavr28sjnfnnx8guhtxtnusuz0pcy89 500$ dollars just a pump around address probably.
bnb1f0u4uq78ienaq6m8mdp95lc040cz0s4ww4pl0 Another pump around address.
bnb136ns6lfw4zs5hg4n85vdthaad7hq5m4gtkgf23 ​​​​​​Sent most assets to the address of 600 million (bnb1fnd0k)**
bnb16e9kvc8846lht4y2yav777p6hweffcqvva757l 100k
bnb1ut0r5c3mslkesqlvhqelxuhrjasvrrqk9yx9vx $3 Million Validator funding account. *** Delegate address.
bnb1l4r7s4aw5z4mdss6jtvyfvkwjf3xvxf6d3wukg 3$ Million Most used to pump money for second largest wallet (bnb1jzdy3) *
bnb15thj6tukshhfzuyq3v6k3y7dw97lp48r6zpxv8 $21.15M
bnb1jxfh2g85q3v0tdq56fnevx6xcxtcnhtsmcu64m $63M
bnb1m5amny2gs3xdyta6pksmr43zu4727w24syyks7 $68M
bnb1jzdy3vy3h0ux0j7qqcutfnsjm2xnsa5mru7gtj $400 million *
bnb1fnd0k5l4p3ck2j9x9dp36chk059w977pszdgdz $600 million **
bnb1u2agwjat20494fmc6jnuau0ls937cfjn4pjwtn $1.5 billion !!!

bva1xnudjls7x4p48qrk0j247htt7rl2k2dzp3mr3j Valitor Ankr Criminal activity.
bva16usf4rcvk9dyzpe8n82gq4nw9x5emlhhs2fftr Criminal Validator?
bva1yck3fkt2ltedev80skwjdmtfftv2lvpzfwmzfl Criminal Validator***
bva1ah8tgrjj5zes0rt5y6gc6m3zr5zwayt6nzaghh Criminal Validator
bva1cvxdm0yuzxqaysk9waxgmqasdl6qypaxx9aagz Criminal Validator
bva1vr8d0kzvnkfgxl4980udka8psdj7434zxjezuq Criminal Validator
bva1ygrhjdjfyn2ffh5ha5llf5g6l3wxjt29hz9q4s Criminal Validator
bva1jh99vrdj0g3n2snrelzrh45s7cs7usqr3x40kk Criminal Validator

The hackers/criminals I’m talking about and addresses shown are active on these Exchanges and maybe more…

Useful tools/website for tracking and control

https://explorer.bitquery.io/ The ultimate follow money tool to find out large webs/networks of criminal organizations and linked wallets.
https://clankapp.com/bina…j7qqcutfnsjm2xnsa5mru7gtj Just fill in any bnb address here too, watch big funds move around and track who’s involved.
https://bscscan.com/ Good for tracking anything on BSC involving 0x addresses.
https://explorer.binance.org/address/ <---- Insert bnb address to look in the wallet.
https://www.binance.org/en/staking/validator/ <--- Insert validator address.

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