Skyview Campers, a very different approach

Skyview Campers, a very different approach

You might be familiar with Never Summer if you’re a winter sports fan. This Colorado manufacturer mainly makes snowboards. But now the manufacturer has ventured into a completely new market: recreational vehicles.

The name Skyview Campers has been chosen, but by European standards the first models are actually caravans. But very special caravans, because the first models of Skyview Campers can be called unique.They have a rather different design and the interior also suits campers who are into art. The desire to design a caravan – or something Americans would call a caravan – stems from co-founder Frank Lloyd Wright’s love of architecture.

Skyview Camper

A work of art on wheels

Never Summer Industries co-founder Tracey Canaday calls it ‘a work of art’. She insists on the quality of the caravan. It had to be a special vehicle. With a background in Never Summer, which is known for many unique designs, it is therefore no surprise that Skyview Campers are special caravans.

According to Never Summer, the biggest problem for campers is that caravans are often overdesigned and built with cheap materials. The manufacturer wants to avoid these problems. The SkyView is a simple caravan, yet one of high quality.

Simplistic, but complete

Never Summer Industries deliberately chose a minimalist route with SkyView. The thinking behind it was simple: the more minimalistic the design, the less could go wrong. This also provided more money for high-quality building materials. For example, this manufacturer’s caravan must last significantly longer than the competitors’.

According to Tracey Canaday, the brand pays a lot of attention to details and sustainability. We already saw that on the snowboards, but that line is now fully developed in the new caravans.

Travel with style and class

The SkyView caravans stand out for their style. The contours are downright angular. There is no real streamline, but the limited height and width contribute significantly to reducing drag. They have about the same height and width as a larger SUV. With a weight of almost 700 kilos, such a Skyview Camper can be towed by almost any car.

Never Summer has spent an entire year designing a true work of art on wheels, which they say is completely in the style of Talisen West. The front corners of the caravan are therefore highlighted with elegant Western Red Cedar ‘fins’.

The futon can be folded into a sofa or a bed. If you use it as a sofa, there is enough space for two or three people to live in the caravan. Along the walls we find shelves for a little extra storage space and also some extendable tabletops. If you look up, you can see the stars through the skylight in the evening. That’s where the name Skyview comes from.

Inside we see a small but cozy and stylish mobile shelter that makes extensive use of natural materials. Floors and walls in the interior of the caravan are made of wood and laminate. Some windows even have a stained glass decoration.

Prices and availability

The camper is equipped with 100 watt solar panels on the roof, an outdoor shower, LED interior lighting, a spare tire and much more. Skyview will be available in early 2023. The suggested retail price is then USD 29,900 (approx. EUR 30,000). For $999 extra, you get a ‘Four Season Package’ with a Climate Right 5000 BTU air conditioning and heating. Mains voltage must be available for this.

That doesn’t make it the most expensive trailer on the market, but not the cheapest either. You will soon be able to order Skyview yourself from the manufacturer. But whether he will also deliver it to Europe, that is another story. It is also not clear to what extent the images show the final design. We see differences between the side doors.

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