“Speed ​​is the most important customer need”

PARTNER CONTRIBUTION – Sander Breddels can live with his customers’ target group like no other. As a designer, he has been successful for several years with his Vorm Centraal. It’s not his first graphic adventure – nor his last! For example, this entrepreneur from Wijk bij Duurstede started a graphic webshop called Print Centraal 2 years ago.

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Designer, web designer, teacher and marketing manager. Sander managed it all, always with the common thread: creative design. “I am a graphic designer from home. After the graphic lyceum in Utrecht, I started my own business. In 2001 I had a good combination in my hands with my knowledge of design and web design. After 8 years I merged with my brother with whom I created a communications agency. He as a strategic marketing advisor and I as a creative executive. The credit crisis kicked off after 4 years. We were profitable on paper, but payments were delayed for too long. Then I started doing projects as an employee. For example, as a marketing manager in an energy company. I could have done it until I retired, but it was starting to itch. Instead of running the design studio, I wanted to start designing myself again!”

Entrepreneurship as a designer

In 2017, Sander started again as a designer for himself. With Vorm Centraal he had to start from scratch again, but after 5 years he can count on a good clientele. The more than 60 customers are divided between SMEs and multinational companies. “I design a mix of online and offline materials for them. Think logos, house styles, in-store POS material, lettering or WordPress websites. Until recently, 2D animation videos were very popular, but that trend was soon over. Now you mainly see ‘shorts’ which I call ‘social vids’. This allows entrepreneurs to showcase their product or service in a post, ad or story/reel.”

Guards the company’s identity like a hawk

In all his various graphic work experiences, a few things have remained constant. “I monitor the customer’s corporate identity like a hawk. Whether it is an SME or a large multinational; there must always be consistency in appearance. Multinational companies often have guidelines for this in a brand book, but this is not daily practice for an SME. However, the end customer must be able to recognize the brand everywhere. It is up to me to fill the supporting role in this.”

Everything is a rush with the customers

Keeping an eye on the client’s house style can be a constant; it is not the customers themselves. “Customer needs have changed a lot over the years. When I started as a designer, there was a lot of attention to detail, such as the right colors. Now speed is the main desire. Everything is ‘urgent’ these days. I tailor my work to that. I makes sure I’m flexible for all my clients. It means I don’t take on big projects that take months, but I can switch to multiple clients within days. They really appreciate that. That variety makes also my work so fun and challenging.”

Webshop project in corona summer

During the corona crisis, companies’ marketing expenses were cut significantly. Not very nice for a graphic entrepreneur, but it gave Sander time to put his long-cherished desire for a webshop on the market. “I wanted to be able to quickly show my clients what other resources I have available. Often they didn’t know that I can take care of a lot in printing. Exhibition stands, wallpaper, wall hangings, photos on canvas, balloons, flags, wall stickers. I used the corona summer 2020 to create my new webshop Print Centraal with all products. The online printing office is separate from Vorm Centraal, but of course they can reinforce each other. For many customers, it is useful that I can provide the design for business cards, flyers, flags or other printed matter. People want to be taken care of from A to Z.”

A modern print shop

The energy that Sander put into the design of the webshop is clearly visible. He gave the originally white label webshop a modern look. “I had the target market of the average marketer in mind,” he says. The webshop has a fresh design with clear product explanations. Almost all categories of on-demand print media can be ordered. “I place the orders with the manufacturers who only work for dealers, suppliers who are connected in Prindustry’s software.”

Print including design

The next phase is already under consideration. Sander: “I would like to present finished products to the consumer in the webshop. Print products with instant variety of designs to choose from. For example, a wall covering, wall panel or wallpaper with different designs designed by me. It is difficult to sell printed matter online, especially with so many players in the market selling the same thing. With the sale of printed matter, including beautiful finished designs, I hope to make a further mark.”

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