Where is the Mac mini 2022 with M2 chip?

Apple has unveiled another batch of new products, but something was missing: Where’s the new Mac mini with the M2 chip anyway?

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Mac mini 2022: where is it?

We already knew that Apple probably wouldn’t hold a big press conference in October, but that new products would be introduced via press releases. Still, expectations were high. But when a stack of new iPads and a new Apple TV were unveiled on Tuesday, something was clearly missing.

We already wondered where the new MacBook Pro 2022 will be, but we are also waiting for another new product from Apple: a new Mac mini with an M2 chip. Where will it be?

Time for an update

The last time Apple released a new Mac mini was in November 2020. The small, complete computer then received the M1 chip. In 2012, 2014 and 2018, the new Mac mini was unveiled in October.

Last March, Apple introduced Mac Studio. This computer looks a lot like a cool Mac mini, but is much faster and much more expensive. This means that the device appeals to a completely different target group.

Therefore, it has long been rumored that the next version of the Mac mini will still get an M2 chip, just like any modern Mac. But maybe there will also be a Mac mini with an M2 Pro chip?

This is what you can expect

It is not yet clear whether the Mac mini 2022 will get a new design. The design of the Mac mini hasn’t changed much since it was first released in 2004, and we have no reason to believe that Apple will suddenly introduce a radically different design.

But that’s not important either. The idea of ​​a Mac mini is a minimal computer that doesn’t stand out. More important is what’s inside the computer and what you can connect. Currently, you can choose between a Mac mini with an M1 chip and a Mac mini with an Intel chip.

The M1 was Apple’s very first Mac processor. Previously, all Mac minis ran on Intel chips. M2 is much faster with optional two additional cores. In practice, the chip offers 18 percent more processing power and 35 percent better GPU performance.

When is the Mac mini 2022 coming?

It is therefore uncertain when the new Mac mini with this M2 chip will be available. Two scenarios are most likely. Or the Mac mini M2 will be unveiled and released in November, just like two years ago, along with the new MacBook Pros. However, it is possible that the new Mac mini will not appear until 2023.

It is unlikely that the computer will be released in October, as many new products have already been revealed this month. December is also not a month when Apple releases new products.

Is it worth the wait?

If you urgently need a Mac mini, you can choose to buy the current version. Especially if you don’t do video editing or other heavy things, but primarily want to use the computer for simple work tasks. Then that device is really more than enough and you can use it for many years to come.

Still, it’s a shame to buy a Mac mini now when you can get a more powerful device by waiting a bit for possibly the same money. Why would you deny yourself that?

Of course, we have no guarantee that the Mac mini 2022 will be as expensive as the current version with an M1 chip. Apple has recently given many of its new products a higher price. If you don’t trust it, you can still get a great deal on the Mac mini 2020. The best deals can be found below.

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