With this wallet, you earn up to 1,000% profit on your cryptocurrency

Increasingly, crypto owners are seeing the potential profit of interest-generating wallets. These wallets not only provide high and stable returns regardless of the direction the market moves, but also offer a risk-free investment option.

The leading wallet at the moment is ArbiSmart wallet with interest that offers up to 147% per annum. In the past month, the ArbiSmart token (RBIS) has increased in price by more than 500%. In fact, in the past week the token has risen by 140% and continues to rise at a particularly fast rate.

An overview of the savings plans

That EU approved The ArbiSmart wallet and financial services ecosystem currently supports 25 different FIAT and digital currencies. Among these supported coins are BTC, ETH, SHIB and several top traditional currencies such as EUR, USD, GBP among others.

Wallet owners can choose to keep their assets safe in an interest-free wallet where the assets can always be withdrawn. In addition, one can earn interest by securing their assets in a wallet in a savings account. This can be for a short period of 1 to 3 months or for a longer period of 2, 3 or 5 years. The longer capital is secured in a savings account, the higher the interest.

The most important factor in determining the size of your interest is yours account level. This is based on the number of RBIS tokens you own. Account levels start at Beginner and progress to Advanced Expert and Elite. The wallet holders at the highest levels also benefit from the interest-on-interest feature.

The more RBIS you own, the higher interest you get on your Bitcoin, Euro or other currency that you own. While you can still receive good interest for holding your assets in EUR, BTC or any other currency, wallets with their assets in RBIS receive the highest interest.

Step by step instructions

  1. Sign up for ArbiSmart
  2. Deposits capital in FIAT or in crypto
  3. Buy at least 1000 RBIS Tokens: To be eligible for interest, you must have reached at least the starter account level. RBIS can be purchased through a crypto exchange or directly through the ArbiSmart dashboard below RBIS management the tab.
  4. Choose a currency and duration for your savings plan
  5. Decide how you want to receive the daily interest
    1. Send it to an accessible account where it can be withdrawn at any time
    2. Send it to a locked-in savings account that earns interest (more locked-in capital means more interest)
    3. Paid in RBIS even when your savings plan is in BTC or EUR. Lock in your earnings until your savings plan ends (highest interest rate option)
  6. Choose how much capital you want to put into your savings
  7. Start earning stable profits from day 1, regardless of the direction of the market

Low Risk High Profit Strategy

ArbiSmart can offer particularly high interest rates by using the paid-in capital in a risk-free way i crypto arbitrage. This strategy is risk-free, offers high returns and is automated.

Crypto arbitrage generates profits from times when coins are temporarily available at different prices on multiple crypto exchanges. These price differences are caused by differences in liquidity and trading volume between major and minor exchanges. These price differences occur in the market regardless of whether the market is in a bull market or a bear market.

Integrated with 35 exchanges, ArbiSmart is an automated algorithm set up to detect and take advantage of all the opportunities in the price differences of a cryptocurrency. When it recognizes a price difference, the algorithm buys the coin within seconds at the lowest available price and simultaneously sells it at the highest possible price to make a profit. As a result, hundreds of trades are executed at the same time.

An extensive offer and a growing demand

The end of the bear market is not yet in sight, but crypto owners are increasingly using ArbiSmart’s interest-generating wallet. By using this wallet, stable returns can be achieved on a consistent basis precalculated could be. Demand for the RBIS token is increasing as more and more RBIS is withdrawn from circulation as the tokens are locked into savings plans.

Several RBIS features will be introduced in the next few months, so the constant demand for coins will continue to reduce the amount available. This will cause the token price to increase. Analysts even expect the price of the coin to rise to x25 by the end of 2022.

This quartile will introduce ArbiSmart a number of new services, including an app for buying, selling and trading crypto. In addition, an exclusive NFT collection and an NFT marketplace for secure trading of non-fungible tokens will be released. Finally, a unique gamified DeFi protocol will be provided to provide farmers with which loans and liquidity can be provided. Another professional crypto exchange will be released early in early 2023, and there is a metaverse on the roadmap where users can buy, develop or sell digital properties. All these new services will use RBIS tokens, which will increase the price even more.

These services are all interconnected, allowing RBIS owners to increase their ecosystem profits when using the ecosystem services. For example, buying an NFT on the ArbiSmart Marketplace can increase a player’s score in the Metaverse. Owning RBIS can also mean that transaction costs become cheaper for users of the ArbiSmart exchange.

RBIS has been steadily rising in price while all other major coins have continued to fall in price. It seems that the price will increase further due to the new functionalities that will be introduced in the coming months. As a result, wallet owners can not only receive high interest rates, but also enjoy the increase in their capital due to the increasing token price.

Anyone who signs up for an ArbiSmart wallet and opens a savings plan within the first 72 hours of this article being published can take advantage of a special offer of 1000 points. These points automatically grant the wallet owner level 1 beginner status, giving the user instant access to the savings plans with daily interest in any of the currencies supported by the platform without the user needing to purchase RBIS.

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