TBX focuses on influencing the company’s operations

The second edition of the TBX fair is dedicated to bringing decision makers up to date on the impact of IT on their business operations. On 2 and 3 November 2022, visitors can be inspired by keynotes, masterclasses and the Computable Expert Lounge. TBX offers various scenes full of inspiration and exhibitors present their technical solutions on the exhibition floor.

TBX is the annual business event for executives, business owners, decision makers, managers and IT professionals who want to know and experience the impact of technology on their business. ‘It far exceeds the domain of IT professionals,’ says Ruwan Berculo, project manager TBX. “Digitalisation, automation and robotisation have an impact on the entire organisation. It takes your business forward. Lots of challenges and opportunities above all.’

With the award ‘Tech means Business’, TBX 2022 offers decision makers insights, solutions and networking opportunities with peers and experts. Here, according to Berculo, you can see how you can make it work effectively for your company. ‘We have a good idea of ​​what is happening around us. Then you see that it goes further than just the IT. We have incorporated this into a new concept for TBX. By doing so, we appeal to a wider audience that extends beyond its domain. We primarily want to serve the business at TBX through eight specific themes.’

The eight themes covered at TBX 2022 are Cyber ​​​​Resilience, Data Factory, Deep Tech, Green Tech, IT Ethics, New Work, Smart World and Web 3.0. Keynotes always fall under one of these eight themes or are about the overall theme of how you can make an impact with it. The stage on which these keynotes will take place has been given the catchy name Impact Stage, and is therefore the main stage from TBX. Speakers such as Jarno Duursma, Igor Beuker, Marelle van Beerschoten, Maria Genova, Bas van de Haterd and Edwin Vlems give an appearance here.

fireside chats

‘I’m really proud of the speakers we can already communicate with,’ continues Berculo. “And there’s more to come. In the last three weeks leading up to TBX, we’ll be running a major campaign involving all of our keynotes. But in any case, this is already a nice first list. We’re aiming for a total of twelve keynotes that will turn our main stage, the Impact Stage, into a real crowd puller.’ Other keynote speakers will be Stefan Buijsman, Father Joosten, Marloes Pomp, Jasper de Vries and Jasper Wognum.In addition to keynotes, the Impact Stage also hosts interviews, panel discussions and fireside chats led by Mark Wächter instead. The latter are in-depth discussions with some keynote speakers.

But the Impact Stage is not the only thing that makes Berculo proud. There are also masterclasses and Computable is hosting its own Expert Lounge for the first time (read on). ‘The masterclasses will also be cool, because here different exhibitors tell their stories. Above all, they explain and show how you can create an effect with their technology. A number of really large parties are fully betting on it. They are so serious that they invite their own customers to their masterclass.’

Startups and award winners

In addition to the Impact Stage, TBX will also present a Heroes Stage this year. On this stage, startups in particular will present themselves, but there is also room for individuals and organizations that have demonstrably delivered a performance. For example, Computable will provide an hour and a half session with its own winners of the Computable Awards 2022. Under the title “How to create award-winning impact?” let’s explain to the winners how they managed to make an impact with digital solutions or in the digital field. Once all winners have been presented, we will enter into a debate with all participants and winners about how we can achieve even more impact in our organizations or markets in the future.

Computational Expert Lounge

Visit TBX

Messe TBX is on 2 and 3 November 2022 at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Come to the fair for free and visit keynotes, follow masterclasses or ask independent experts about your digitization questions.

The Computable Expert Lounge is a new section where trade show visitors can ask Computable experts questions that fit within one of the eight trade show themes. Berculo: ‘We sense that there are many question marks within the target group. People cannot place the effects of technology. They can get information from experts in the Computable Expert Lounge and they can ask very specific questions. This makes this part a great added value for TBX. It is therefore one of the elements at the fair that we emphasize in our communication, just like the masterclasses and the Impact Stage. With that, you can say that the content on TBX forms the heart of the fair.’

The eight central themes of TBX are discussed in the Computable Expert Lounge. Eight experts will be continuously present in the lounge to answer questions on these topics. The Computable experts alternate each part of the day, so a total of 32 experts can be contacted over two exhibition days. The experts are there from their independent role at Computable and do not represent the organization they work for. They will therefore answer any questions without commercial interest.


The commercial interests naturally lie with the exhibitors on the trade fair floor. Nevertheless, according to Berculo, these exhibitors are also of added value to the TBX visitor. ‘We have attached a large number of very large IT companies to us, and there are also dozens of slightly smaller participants. They show their offer and of course that means something. They like to tell and show what they are doing. They have a specific eye for the company, just like TBX itself. They may have a marketing message, but it’s tailored to our core audience.’

In order to reach this target group, Berculo is working with various partners this year. Computable is, how else could it be, used to reach the IT target audience, but other media such as BNR, Sprout, MT and Emerce are called in to reach the business audiences, especially this year in marketing and HR. BNR will even make a live radio report from the exhibition floor. Ultimately, TBX aims to grow in the next three years to a business event where two-thirds of the target audience represents the company.

(This article is also in Computable magazine #05/06-22.)

Six keynote speakers

Jarno Duursma (author and independent technical expert)
Jarno Duursma wrote four books, among other things about artificial intelligence, creative machines, deepfake technology and blockchain. Duursma is regularly mentioned in the media. He is the creator of the ‘listen to the future’ tech podcast and the ‘Trending in Tech’ newsletter. Read an interview with Jarno Duursma from page 34.

Igor Beuker (marketing and media authority)
Igor Beuker is a marketing innovation speaker and futurist known for his foresight in trends and technologies that affect business, the economy and society. With his radical vision, he inspires packed houses and receives rave reviews.

Marelle van Beerschoten (expert digital transformation)
As a specialist in digital transformation and innovation, Marelle van Beerschoten helps organizations modernize. Thanks to her refreshing view on (digital) leadership, entrepreneurship and digital transformation, she knows how to inspire and motivate. Its mission is to help one million people find success in a world defined by digital transformation by 2025.

Maria Genova (cybercrime expert)
Last year, more than three million people were victims of cybercrime in the Netherlands. More and more companies are being hacked. How do hackers attack companies and how can this be prevented? Author and investigative journalist Maria Genova explains cybercrime clearly, fascinating and confronting at the same time. Read a profile of Maria Genova from page 26.

Bas van de Haterd (Mr and labor expert)
Bas van de Haterd is a consultant, author, podcaster and lecturer on the ‘world of work’. More than ten years ago, he wrote two books about the new way of working, in which hybrid and remote work played a major role. He has spoken at international conferences and is one of the co-hosts of the Talent Savvy podcast. As a consultant, he has assisted organizations such as NS, the University of Twente, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and many medium-sized IT companies. Read four New Work trends from Van de Haterd on pages 32 and 33.

Edwin Vlems (marketing expert)
Edwin h Vlems has written many books, articles and blogs about content marketing. He is a regular presenter at national and international conferences on B2B marketing, inbound marketing and content marketing.

Eight themes at TBX 2022

Smart world
The world around us is getting smarter and smarter every day. 5G and all next-generation network technology make it possible to connect countless IoT sensors to the Internet. Productivity and quality of life improve with smart devices, or they even take over from us.

Data Factory
Data is the new oil, where algorithms feed AI and ML-based systems. Data lakes use data in smarter products and services. Data mining is at the heart of any data strategy. Data science including data analysis and data management are the new master’s disciplines.

New Work
New Work stands for structural changes in the world of work. The key word here is freedom. It is a collective term for meaningful and future-oriented work, a concept for a new way of working in the global and digital age.

Green Tech
Decarbonization is becoming a duty, but the cloud infrastructure, everything around crypto and the metaverse are big users of energy. The IT industry needs to think about the sustainable provision of infrastructure and services.

Web 3.0
Web 3.0 represents new technologies such as distributed ledgers and blockchain storage that allow for data decentralization and the creation of a transparent and secure environment. This focuses on smart contracts in a new NFT economy, tokenization, concepts like DAO and metaverse.

Deep Tech
Deep tech includes technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, advanced materials science, photonics and electronics, biotechnology and quantum computing. These are technologies based on tangible technical innovation or scientific advances and discoveries.

IT ethics
IT ethics encourages ethical thinking about the practical problems of technology. The reason technology ethics is becoming increasingly important is because new technologies give us more agency.

Cyber ​​resilience
Central to Cyber ​​​​Resilience is the ability to protect electronic data and systems against cyber attacks, as well as to quickly resume operations in the event of a successful attack.

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